Beauty and Hair
  • Spray-Tan

    My first professional spray tan and it was a nightmare

      August is here but I still want to drag out a summer glow as much as possible, even if it’s pouring down with rain and that’s that. After my recent trip to the tanning salon, I think I may just stick to the bottle...
  • danielle no makeup

    Apparently I look prettier natural

    I love make-up. Like, really love make-up. I love everything about it. The way it can transform a hungover sleepy face into a that of a dewy Goddess, the way that a new shade of lipstick can take an outfit from day to night, an...
  • Elemis pro collageb hydragel eye mask

    Miracle eye gel mask that did wonders to my eyes

    Did you know that the skin around the eye is only one cell layer thick?  This makes  it the most delicate. I have a thing about my eyes, they are huge, not abnormally huge but still rather large. Friends and family are convin...
  • ben hooper natural natural beauty

    For pit’s sake: the armpit hair revolution- We discuss

    Would you bear your pits to challenge the conventional thoughts of beauty?  Is it degrading to wax and shave just because it is expected of you? Zainab says: Personally I have never given it much thought until quite recently w...
  • danielle tangle teezer

    Tangle Teezer saved my hair

    I have difficult hair. The kind of hair that triples in size at just the slightest whiff of humidity, the hair that forms dreadlocks after 3 days away from the hairbrush, and the kind of hair that needs a good three-hours of po...
  • summer hair colours for dark hair

    Non-Committal hair colour for dark hair

    If you are like myself you began the new year with the hopes of experimenting with your look. However, four months have passed and you are still in ‘Do I’, ‘Would it  work for me?’phase. It seems the longer you wait to...
|  fashion and style

The normal people during this SS15 fashion season

Ok… not normal, normal-ish or the closest we will get to normal people at fashion week. But first street style images during fashion season is never by accident. ‘Fashionistas’ enter the circus that is fashion week with h...
hunters wellies
|  lifestyle

Why is everyone bored of Blighty?

Having spoken to a lot of people I went university with, a lot have mentioned their intentions to move away from the UK to live and work elsewhere. At first, I grew increasingly confused as to why they had been put off England,...
|  sex and love

Ann Summers The Metal One packs a punch

  First of when seeing The Metal One  vibe I wasn’t leaking in my knickers to give it a try. It basically is a cross between an anal bead and a Lightsabar (Star wars sword for those who are right now  trying to im...