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Beauty and Hair
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    Blue eye makeup made simple and wearable

      This Autumn season see’s blue eyes being a big beauty trend on the runways. Temperley London, Giles, Dior, Kenzo are just some of the designers that featured this look in their show. It sounds like it’s hard ...
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    Bringing sexy back with my eyes

    A girl has the power to portray anything she wants with her eye makeup. I personally want to look in the mirror at myself and look how I feel, sexy. I love when my eyes look bright. You see, in the light, my eyes change from gr...
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    Skincare Products to protect your skin from winter blizzards

    Winter isn’t too kind on the skin for me and for many of us. The cold winds, rain and icy temperatures wreck havoc on our skin. I find my skin gets very dry very quickly, even if I moisturise. Not ideal. My lips become sore a...
  • false eyelashes

    False eyelashes that don’t give you sleepy eyes

    I understand , not everyone is a false eyelash lover and until about three years ago I didn’t understand why people wore them. I get false eyelashes can be annoying, fall off and hold heavy on your beautiful eyes but Kis...
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    How to get bigger lips without injections?

    If you’re anything like me, and the majority of the female population, I guarantee there is something you hate about your body. Mine is my lips. In my eyes, they’re thin, not very plump and make me feel like I can’t wear ...
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    W7: Beauty’s Best Kept Secret

      It’s probably not a brand you use. It might not even be one you’ve heard of. In fact, if it wasn’t for my Amazon prowess, I don’t even know where I’d go about finding it. I doubt it even has...
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|  fashion and style
Topshop-Unique featured aw14

So you have a party to go to after work.

So you are working and you have a party of some sort to attend right after. What do you wear? Over the years I have been in this situation countless times, so much so that I think I may be of help. Initially these nights were a...
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|  lifestyle
cuffing season

How to get through ‘cuffing season’ alone

Yup, that term has been cropping up all over the internet ever since summer flings have fizzled out, from everyone who doesn’t want to spend the long, cold, winter nights alone watching Netflix and X Factor. With the freezing...
|  sex and love
female masturbation

Why is everyone still scared of talking about female masturbation?

  From the dawn of time, from when the first chicken laid the first egg and from the first time a woman yelled out in orgasm, there has always been some form of frown upon female masturbation. Yet, since the beginning of t...
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