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  • Kiki's house soap (1)

    These little soaps are perfect treats for Mothers Day

    Mothers day is coming and as per usual I am still scrambling around trying to find the ‘perfect’ gift to give to mum to thank her for being three days in labour with me. After I refused to come out after inducement, they tr...
  • D7K_4872

    Hangover to fabulous in minutes

    We’ve all been there – after a night of hard partying, you still need to show up at the office or business lunch and your face looks like a minor catastrophe. Well, a true party girl that I am, I’ve found over time that t...

    Take charge of your inner Badass

    Now it’s funny for me to write this knowing deep down my state of mind is all over the place. But I also want to be the voice of reassurance to all you ladies out there. No-one is perfect and we all face our tests, trials and...
  • 50 shades trailer

    Unpopular Opinion: I Don’t Think 50 Shades is Abusive

    Feminists, BDSM enthusiasts, movie-goers and erotica lovers alike have all been quick to criticise the phenomenon that is 50 Shades of Grey. In the weeks leading up to the film’s release on the 13th February, groups suc...
  • skin brighteners

    The Science Behind Facial Brighteners

    Facial brighteners are skin care products that promise to fade discolorations of the skin. The promise to leave behind an overall youthful glow, a shine that can be faked in one swoosh of a product so brilliant that it will hid...
  • why i enjoy being single

    Why I Celebrate Being Single

    Remember the 90s rom-com masterpiece with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere? No, not The Pretty Woman, but the other one – The Runaway Bride? So, recently I was watching the movie after not seeing it for years when I got my big ...
  • woman

    Pink Tax – The Hidden Costs of Being a Woman!

    So I think most women know that we’re expected to shell out quite a bit more money on grooming products than our male counterparts are. Although the ‘metrosexual’ trend is ensuring that more men than ever are ...
  • sam-samantha-jones

    Why I am no longer a commitment-phobe

      Some time ago I wrote an article about why I love being single. In it, I spoke about how I hated the pressure to settle down and have a boyfriend. It’s almost as if people don’t believe that you really can b...
  • this girl can advert

    This girl can advert kicked me up the arse

    I’m writing this article/blog post/ramble on the floor of my bathroom, and I’m really, really sweaty. Why am I sweaty? I’ll tell you why. Because I just danced for 60 minutes in a room full of equally sweaty middle-aged w...
  • school

    4 in 10 Teen Girls Coerced Into Sex Acts – But Feminism is Irrelevant!

    I’ve made it clear in my previous articles that I believe there is a problem in our society of men and women (but mostly men) denying that there is any need for feminism and that it is irrelevant. Emma Watson’s #He...
  • valentines elizabeth

    How I Fell in Love with Valentine’s Day

      I love, love, love St Valentine’s day! Yes, I’m aware that although it dates back to ancient Rome or Medieval times, today it’s associated with enormous consumerism, increase in chocolate sales, red mad...
  • 50 shades of grey

    Intro to bringing 50 shades into your bedroom

    A book (now movie) which some may consider sexist, some may consider lit erotica, sexual inspiration, and some like Dani just see it as Mommy Porn.  Regardless of your view it has changed the worlds view on sex. Prior to 50 ...
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