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  • Julita Lange

    The lady behind the nail polish rental service, Coloristiq

      I love nail polish, for me it is the ultimate beauty statement. I may not always wear mascara but if I don’t wear nail polish when going outside I feel almost naked! My personal favourite is OPI for various reasons: lo...
  • ways to wear a concealer

    4 ways to use concealer

      When someone mentions camouflage, you’d think of greens and sexy army men crawling under nets carrying rifles. When I think of camouflage I think of makeup, because that’s what it is. It’s our preferred self which ...
  • make-up

    Why “What your make-up says about you” articles are BS.

    We’ve all seen them. Articles that tell you how NOT to wear your make-up for a job interview, a date, whatever. They tell you ‘what your make-up says about you,’ to your potential employee/partner, stating tha...
  • IMG_20141109_133518

    Blue eye makeup made simple and wearable

      This Autumn season see’s blue eyes being a big beauty trend on the runways. Temperley London, Giles, Dior, Kenzo are just some of the designers that featured this look in their show. It sounds like it’s hard ...
  • 2014-10-26-18.16.43-e1414349903711

    Bringing sexy back with my eyes

    A girl has the power to portray anything she wants with her eye makeup. I personally want to look in the mirror at myself and look how I feel, sexy. I love when my eyes look bright. You see, in the light, my eyes change from gr...
  • group

    Skincare Products to protect your skin from winter blizzards

    Winter isn’t too kind on the skin for me and for many of us. The cold winds, rain and icy temperatures wreck havoc on our skin. I find my skin gets very dry very quickly, even if I moisturise. Not ideal. My lips become sore a...
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Christmas jumper

Its Christmas jumpers including the ‘ugly ones’

Who doesn’t like Christmas, I am not talking about you scrooge, sitting in your little corner thinking I don’t. For the rest of us there are routines that we follow that signifies the beginning of Christmas to really get in...
|  lifestyle
cuffing season

How to get through ‘cuffing season’ alone

Yup, that term has been cropping up all over the internet ever since summer flings have fizzled out, from everyone who doesn’t want to spend the long, cold, winter nights alone watching Netflix and X Factor. With the freezing...
|  sex and love

I gave myself as a gift this christmas

This Christmas, I thought to myself, I need to reinvent present giving and think of something different to give to my boyfriend. Do I get him a watch? Some Calvin Kleins? A new suit and tie? All of the above… No. I decided to...
Handpicked Christmas Gifts
-ForThe bold one
This has become my favourite fragrance right now and it is perfect for the natural woman in your life. The scent is bold, intense yet sweet making it perfect for the larger than life personality. Korres a brand favourite of mine focuses on using active natural ingredients to create innovative products. -For the polish lover
Coloristiq a brand that allows you to try out quality nail polishes for a month. Some has described it as the netflix of nail polish but personally I think its way better than netflix because after a while netflix gets boring, burning a whole through your bank account. This on the other hand you will never get bored of. Why? Because the polishes you receive are what you have added in your wishlist. So no more surprises just polishes you actually want. At the end of the month you return the polishes for free and await the new batch. This is the ultimate gift for someone. Rather than giving three polishes for £30 that they probably would never use. You set up an account, delivering polishes to your polish lover every month that she genuinely loves. -For The simple chick
This is the gift you give that girl who really isn’t too fussed about what she has. You know your grandma, the hippie friend who is cool with everything. This doesn’t mean that Bee Good Bee pampered gift set is just average it just means that it will please everyone even the ‘I don’t want anything from you’ friend. It contains two main products that no one can live without, a lip balm that actually moisturises, hand cream to prevent ashy hands oh yeah and sweet baked biscuits to give a sugar high. Now tell me who wouldn’t be happy with this. 
£20 -for the frizzy girl in your life
Do I love this Joico smooth cure gift set. Its absolutely perfect for the girl who is forever complaining about her frizzy ends or who has naturally curly hair. Don’t let the name fool you, this doesn’t change the structure of the hair rather it helps keep all that unruly strands at bay so that your friend can completely embrace her curls. I haven’t stopped using this since I started causing me to put all my old favourites to the side. The shampoo and conditioner alone are a force to be reckoned with. Furthermore, whats even more great is that is it sulphate free, leaving the hair to be so soft and bountiful. - For the classic lady
Skin brighteners are all
the rave at the moment, which is one of the many reasons for adding Skinceutical Christmas Box into our picks. The package contains two hero products which is perfect for the woman in your life that is always on top of her skin care. The Retexturing activator is my new found love, the serum aims to smooth out the skin, even out the skin tone and bring out that natural glow. Whilst the A.G.E interupter aims to basically interrupt signs of ageing such as creping and thinning skin. This is something that the classic lady in your life needs. Nothing else. 
Find your nearest store provider. There is always that one person in your life that has it all, the latest products, all the classics and so they tell you that anything is fine. You are seriously struggling on coming up with something to buy. So we have found you a solution, something no one can buy apart from that person. A signature fragrance, only designed by them and worn by them. Every woman needs one and your favourite woman can now have hers too. 
From £39.95 -For the perfume chick
When I saw this I thought this is absolutely genius and I knew that it would be in my top 10 beauty gifts. The vivabox concept is this. 
Try 7 perfume samples, these contain classics and new releases. Your giftee will then be able to select the favourite fragrance. Take the perfume voucher to the perfume shop all filled out and collect their fragrance. This gift takes out all the guessing work and leaves the giftee in total control of what they are receiving.  

The womens contains 
Boss Ma Vie -Hugo Boss 
212 VIP- Carolina Herrera 
Jimmy Choo- Jimmy Choo
Nina- Nina Ricci-
Black XS Paco Rabanne
Viva La Juicy- Juicy Couture
Flower by Kenzo
I know amazing right. 
£39.99 - For the young lady in your life
I really only learnt about Bryt skincare but completely love it, so much so that I have made some products part of my basic skincare routine. Bryt skincare has been designed for young skins so this is perfect for the first time skincare set. My personal favourites are the cleansing products Remove and Cleanse. Unlike many eye makeup remover this left no red eyes or sting. The cleanser I have remained using since I trialed it simply because it does a fab job at cleansing the skin. As a foam cleanser it is not harsh leaving the skin dry and tight but rather light whilst fully removing all dirt. 
I am really happy I found this brand, the perfect introductory set for providing your favourite young ones with a quality skin care regime. 

-For the tan lovers
The smell is amazing it's like a floral and candy explosion on the mit. Which means you can apply on a morning with no fear of the dreaded sweaty biscuit smell. The tan is subtle for a great winter colouring and, from my experience, it develops within an hour or so. I have been applying it everyday in a thin layer for two weeks now and am so pleased with the results. This is perfect for the Tan virgins and pros like myself. Value  - £27
Price- £19.99 -For the Jewellery hoarder
What can I say about this. Love at first sight. I am adding it to my wishlist and so will anyone who has a serious obsession with jewellery. With pockets of different types to store the smallest jewellery such as rings to large hooks to take care of the belts. The see through pockets allow you to window shop your own collection without having to rummage through to find that one ring.
£24.95 -For the Foodie
I  just had to include these festive little treats. The biscuits are so light they literally melt in the mouth hitting your tastebuds with Christmassy juices. Think mince pies, christmas pudding and any form of christmas food but in biscuit form. The biscuits alone are my selling point and it is a fantastic gift for anyone.
£18 _ For your lovely teenage daughter
I think this is such a great idea. When you are tired of repeating yourself everyday place them in a book and hand all your advice to your lovely daughter who we are sure will definitely appreciate it.
£10.36 -Bringing back originality
Because in this technology age everything is getting lost in the world of ICloud. Maintain memories and that nostalgic feelings from storing memories from photos and writing. I absolutely love the natural simple book that can be left as it is or customised to suit the owners personal taste.
£34.95 -For the coffee addict in your life
The coffee lover in your life refuses to go a day without coffee and definitley doesnt start the day without a coffee. So what a great addition to their love by making their favourite thing in the world even more enjoyable. The silicone bands prevent burns caused by  holding hot coffee. Now she will feel even more special.
£19.95 -Best gift for a book lover.
 A whole book in one page as stunning wall art. The collections includes the The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone ,Pride & Prejudice and so much more. The owners have a wide selection of the classics, adventure, romance to children stories. So there will always be a gift for your book lover.
From £39.99 -For the home fragrance nut
Out of all the candles that I have I picked this and that tells you a lot. This particular fragrance just makes you want to chill out, grab a book and let the day fall behind you. Not too intense but strong enough to  have an effect on you.
£43.00 -For any woman in your life
As soon as I saw this I thought I gotta get this for my mum. This cushion basically speaks exactly what she thinks every time someone walks into her personal space aka her house. The cushion will definitely stand out wherever you place it.£54.95 -For the big splurge
Wanna show how much you appreciate her then this is the gift for you. ‘The Saving Grace’ has been designed specifically to relax and unwind the woman you love. The package contains 5 blissful treatments-
• Natura Bisse Detox Facial
• Grace Signature Massage
• OFAT Hot Stone Manicure
• OFAT Hot Stone Pedicure
• Natura Bisse Eye Recovery Balm
Was: GBP 132.34
Now: GBP 101.7620% OFF £26 GBP 270.17	
Handcarved then cast, this beautiful flower filigree locket comes in sterling silver with garnet & pearl drops or 18ct gold plated silver with green quartz and pearl drops. The locket opens so that you can put a photograph or other momento inside. GBP 222.66 For the Shoe Lover nspired by her fascination with lace, crochet and stitch, Ebba's stunning knit bangle features an intricate fine knit texture and is handcrafted in a choice of three finishes: solid sterling silver, oxidised solid sterling silver or burnished 18ct gold plated solid sterling silver. 

The bangle has a weighty, luxury feel and looks wonderful worn on its' own or mixed and matched with other pieces.
GBP: 350 GBP 67.2	
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