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  • gym fashion editorial

    The elephant in the room ; Gym clothes

    Its the beginning of a new year and everywhere I look I see weight loss tips, diet plans and of course gym clothes. What these people forget to mention is what happens when you wear the wrong clothing to the gym. Being an activ...
  • page3

    Why I’m not celebrating the end of Page 3

    Edit: So The Sun trolled us all and, since the article was written, it became apparent that The Sun have NOT decided to put an end to Page 3. However, the debate is still ongoing, and so everything said in this article still st...
  • Orgasm o

    A coregasm is not a myth, It happens to me

    So not entirely sure how to articulate this without being too crude, not sure if you can articulate it but whatever. I get orgasms in the gym, more specifically orgasms induced from weightlifting and resistance training. So let...
  • argan oil

    10 ways I use pure Argan oil for my beauty needs

      So it’s common knowledge these days that Moroccan argan oil is really great for your hair. It’s in pretty much every hair product on the market and you can even get the pure stuff shipped over straight from M...
  • lauar rent post

    Is Generation Rent so bad?

        “But Mum I’m never gonna be able to do thaaat” – you may think this is the cries of a tantrum throwing teenager, but alas, no, this is the breakdown of a failed fledging (as the media have ...
  • CBB_ChloeAndCami

    What Celebrity Big Brother Can Teach Us About Consent

    Wow, so there’s been a lot happening on Celebrity Big Brother since its launch last week! Amidst racism controversies, Katie Hopkins being surprisingly lovely (ish) and Perez Hilton making everything about Perez Hilton, f...
  • who-made-your-pants

    Buy some knickers and keep a woman in a job

    Every time you buy a pair of our pants you’re keeping another woman in a job. Who made your pants? Marks and Spencer. Would be my answer if someone actually ever asked me who made my pants. Last month during my sporadic t...
  • abuse

    My Ex Boyfriend Was Abusive & I Allowed Him To Be

    Writing this down when I know that it is going to be made so public is difficult. It’s always hard putting your feelings out there, and especially so when they involve another person, but I do feel as though this has to b...
  • final with glasses

    5 make up products for full face of makeup for a quickie do

    There is nothing more that I like doing than finding shortcuts for things and shopping in sales. As you may know I can be a tad lazy, and just like Zainab who is downsizing her bag I am trying to downsize my makeup up bag. Carr...
  • elizabeth ananda loving yourself

    I turned to food because I needed to be loved

    More and more people in the field of self-development, life-coaching, and motivational speaking, including myself,  now use the term ‘releasing the weight’ instead of ‘losing the weight’. It refers to t...
  • clueless-shopping-main

    Affordable trendy shops for the forever young

    When January arrives everyone has one thing in common; being broke. Without fail every year I pretty much have to put all my scrimping techniques into full use, stalking money saving sites with great enthusiasm. This is the ti...
  • beyonce we can do it

    Our Top 10 Successes for Feminism in 2014!

    With 2014 over and the new year being a whole week under way, we here at Charee magazine have been reflecting on the past year and the incredible things that have been done by women and for women. Of course, there have been...
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