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  • ben hooper natural natural beauty

    For pit’s sake: the armpit hair revolution- We discuss

    Would you bear your pits to challenge the conventional thoughts of beauty?  Is it degrading to wax and shave just because it is expected of you? Zainab says: Personally I have never given it much thought until quite recently w...
  • danielle tangle teezer

    Tangle Teezer saved my hair

    I have difficult hair. The kind of hair that triples in size at just the slightest whiff of humidity, the hair that forms dreadlocks after 3 days away from the hairbrush, and the kind of hair that needs a good three-hours of po...
  • summer hair colours for dark hair

    Non-Committal hair colour for dark hair

    If you are like myself you began the new year with the hopes of experimenting with your look. However, four months have passed and you are still in ‘Do I’, ‘Would it  work for me?’phase. It seems the longer you wait to...
  • 5 beauty essentials

    5 Beauty essentials I Never Leave the House Without

    I used to get so paranoid going out thinking, ‘what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse and all I had was my wallet, oyster card and my keys?’  Well, not exactly a zombie apocalypse, but you know… As a resu...
  • Brighten your skin with white products

    White makeup to brighten and highlight your best features

    Ahhh white the colour of innocence, purity, cleanliness and clarity. Although white is not really a colour you would associate with me, my mum would say black or brown. However, ignoring my mum I have totally embraced the colou...
  • Cleansing wipes for the none cleansing days

    Because I just can’t be bothered to cleanse everynight

    I follow a regimented beauty regime. I begin by bathing in goats milk and moisturise my body with oils collected exclusively from the amazon. Without fail I cleanse my face everyday, morning and evening, apply my serum, then my...
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skinny rings trend 2014

Skinny Jewellery is now the thing peeps

Skinny. Such a controversial word especially in fashion but this season everyone, by everyone I mean celebrities and fashion followers are going skinny with their jewellery. Last year it was all about the loud statement jewelle...
longline bras for big boobs
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sex worker

I applied for a job and got asked to be a Web cam girl

A student in her dorm room, applying for jobs online, it’s seemingly an expected candidate for an adult entertainment job. A company beginning with ‘G’ and ending in ‘Tree’ will never again be given my trust after...
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james-brodribb-shk-fashion-editorial-nick-hinman- boyfriend

I don’t want a boyfriend, and that’s okay!

Everyone – and I mean everyone – from magazines, to friends, to Hollywood films, to boys I’ve smiled at once seems to be under the impression that I, and all of the other single females out there, am on the hunt for...
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