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    How to get bigger lips without injections?

    If you’re anything like me, and the majority of the female population, I guarantee there is something you hate about your body. Mine is my lips. In my eyes, they’re thin, not very plump and make me feel like I can’t wear ...
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    W7: Beauty’s Best Kept Secret

      It’s probably not a brand you use. It might not even be one you’ve heard of. In fact, if it wasn’t for my Amazon prowess, I don’t even know where I’d go about finding it. I doubt it even has...
  • english rose

    The eye cream that is beating my dark circles

    I have always suffered from very bad dark circles, and it had nothing to do with much sleep I got. I have been on a quest to find the perfect concealer since I was a teenager in order to minimise their appearance. Paired with p...
  • MUA1

    Bring out your eyes this winter with MUA winter forest palette

    I have never been a fan of eye shadow. This wasn’t because I didn’t think it looked nice, but because I was scared of it. I’m an impatient and lazy person when it comes to makeup, just looking at all the shades of...
  • Spray-Tan

    My first professional spray tan and it was a nightmare

      August is here but I still want to drag out a summer glow as much as possible, even if it’s pouring down with rain and that’s that. After my recent trip to the tanning salon, I think I may just stick to the bottle...
  • danielle no makeup

    Apparently I look prettier natural

    I love make-up. Like, really love make-up. I love everything about it. The way it can transform a hungover sleepy face into a that of a dewy Goddess, the way that a new shade of lipstick can take an outfit from day to night, an...
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Spring/Summer work wear inspired from Judy Wu

Blame it on the fact that each fashion season is only 6 months apart and that within the fashion industry we are always 6 months ahead. Whilst everyone is preparing for the monster that I call winter I am actually mentally pre...
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I may enjoy watching trash but don’t call me stupid!

People often think I’m stupid. They see my bleached blonde hair, my love for television shows like Made in Chelsea and my short skirts and assume that there’s nothing more to me. People frequently feel the need to t...
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Dealing with long distance relationships with Quentins Basement

After bagging themselves a record deal with Spectra last year, Quentin’s Basement, made up of Callum, Martyn, Tom and Ollie (all 20 years old) are set to support Scouting For Girls at the end of the year. Despite their rock n...
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