5 Fashion Staples to Complete Your Party Look


When it comes to going out, everybody has their own unique style, but I’m sure everyone will agree there are certain staples we all have in our closet which will just complete and add that extra bit of chicness to an outfit! So here are my 5 fashion staples to add the finishing touches to your party ready look!


I have way too many LBD’s to count right now and have seemed to collect a mass of them from my crazy nights out on the town while at uni! A little black dress can go a long way when you’re strapped for time, inspiration and let’s face it – cash! Having a bad hair day? The LBD will make you look polished. Having a food baby crisis? The LBD will cover it up. The LBD is basically the life -jacket to every females wardrobe and it’s one you need to complete your party wardrobe!

Statement Coat

Now what better way is there to dress up an LBD than to add a statement coat. This could be one with a pop of colour, a bold pattern or a flattering shape. Whatever it is, a statement coat ties your whole look together and ensures that your outfit is always on “fleek” when arriving at the club sober and when leaving the club not so “sober”!

Strappy Heels

My good friend Manolo Blahnik once told me ‘when you put on heels…you change’ so I took his advice one night and boy was he right! No girl can deny just how  sassy you feel when you slip into those sexy heels just before you embark on a night out. And yes you may stumble onto the curb as you clamber out of the cab. And yes your feet may hurt so much to the point that even 7 shots of jaegerbombs can’t cure! But you wear them and you do it anyway – because well…S – A – S – S! And you look damn well good in them, so you’re not about to take them off for nobody – nobody!

Stylish Accessories

A good accessory can be the finishing touch to any outfit, but for a party look it can be the make or break that takes the look from meh, to…BOMB! It could be a belt here, or a statement necklace there, but always remember that less is more, so don’t go overboard. And sometimes I do overdo it, but I always remember what my other good friend Coco Chanel used to say”When accessorising, always take off the last thing you put on.” You said it girl!

Classic Hat

Now this one I’ve added in as a personal staple because I am just crazy about hats! But for me when I’m going to an event or out for drinks, I always put on my Fedora and when I do it just gives my outfit that extra edge. And with an outfit that is a bit more chic and put together it can roughen it up around the edges a bit – which is pretty cool! This one is an optional staple, but it’s one that is worth experimenting with!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my 5  staples to complete a party look, I would love to know what your staples are so do leave a comment below to let me know! Thank you for reading! 🙂

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