Intro to bringing 50 shades into your bedroom


A book (now movie) which some may consider sexist, some may consider lit erotica, sexual inspiration, and some like Dani just see it as Mommy Porn.  Regardless of your view it has changed the worlds view on sex. Prior to 50 shades the BDSM was the ‘Whom shall not be named’ of the sex world. People participated and thoroughly enjoyed it but never spoke out loud. The book is released, millions sold and now everyone and their mother is either trying to experience it or ‘coming out’.

The celebration of our newly found sexual appetites for handcuffs, whips and blindfolds is sure to get Christian Grey’s approval. BDSM doesn’t mean that you were fucked in the head by your mums best friend (story behind Mr Grey). For most it is simply a place for role reversal, where one can take up a role that they are not normally and explore their sexuality with limited boundaries. Have I read the book? Yes. I own all three. Have I finished all books? Nope. For so many reasons that I will leave for another session. This article is about going one step further and embracing the great thing about 50 shades without the contract, obsessive and broody boyfriend that has way too many issues for a woman without the superhero complex.

We begin with:


A blindfold is essential for releasing your inner Ana. Giles Deacon Giles Georgette lace eye mask  is perfect for creating a sultry bondage look. It maintains the mystery by concealing the eyes from your partner whilst leaving you with control to be able to see what is going on. This is perfect for those still wanting some sort of control and also gives you the perfect instrument for creating mystery, sexual appeal and in turn arousal.

Bondage would not be bondage without some form of constraint. Of course there is your usual police type handcuffs, Ann summers Black fur cuffs are normally the go to for most people. However, I found a better option….. Ropes.

Christian of course uses ropes on Ana and rightly so, as it is a great alternative to the ‘usual’ handcuff. Done right ropes have a tighter grip and gives you more control than handcuffs. Christian prefers to use DIY ropes, however, as you are experimenting ropes designed specifically for sexual purposes feels better on the skin and for sure reduces the chances of rope burns. Fifty Shades of Grey Restrain Me Bondage rope (twin pack) comes in two colours (red and black) for ?14 so you can switch it up for a change. If tying ropes is not your thing, then Ann Summers Chinese rope restraints are a great option as it takes all the hassle of rope typing. Simply pull to tighten.

If you are a handcuff girl, then let me upgrade you to Edge leather restraints. I have had these for forever and absolutely love them, in fact they were my first ever handcuffs.The grip is adjustable due to the buckle, so no excuses. Furthermore, they are really comfortable for those long nights.

Lets do some spanking-

I personally love  FEATHER TICKLER TWO ENDED WHIP due to its durability. Yes, having a box full of toys and accessories to whip your partner in shape or vice versa is great. But unlike Mr Grey who has a whole room just for beating, most of us have to make do with our bedroom. Which means that sex accessories has to be hidden. This pretty little two ended whip is great for whipping and tickling your partner to pleasure. Please do not pay attention to the word little, because the whip is anything but soft. Bruises will be left if that is your thing.


The rabbit vibrator is the most widely used vibatror out there and every sex shop has their own version. However, I find them more useful on my own rather than with a partner. Why? Because using both the shaft and the ears needs work and experience to get the right placement.I personally find having my partner focus one one thing, either the vagina or the clit is much more beneficial. For the first timers The Silicone G-Whizz neon pink vibrator is a great option, affordable, and small enough to use for both the clit and vagina. Twisted Sister Vibrator purple has such a unique concept, which makes it fantastic to hit all the areas leaving no area untouched. For a lot of females the clitorus is the sole way to have an orgasm so vaginal stimulation is of little use.This is where BODY WAND XGEN CLITORAL STIMULATOR LARGE comes in. The control is a wheel, which makes it easy to control the speed without all that fiddling. Finally,  it’s large and can be used as a massager and for clitoris play.

Balls and Eggs

I have mentioned my love for kegel balls in Get balls of steel vagina so when I saw Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls my excitement leaped right ahead. Unlike my other balls which are all made from silicone this is made from metal. Whats the difference you ask? Texture and temperature. Metal toys tend to be colder increasing your sensitivity. Furthermore, the texture is a lot more smoother making it easy to insert . The weight is certainly heavier making it perfect for even the experienced.

Finally, lube is a Godsend to vaginas. Great sex means lots of wetness and that is normally helped by lube. Juicy lube comes in various flavours making it also great for oral purpose.

Products featured in the image- Moulded Mask with Diamantes| Soft Paris Exquise massage candle|Edge leather restraints| Juicy Lube

Bringing 50 shades of grey home

00Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls- ?24.99
00Fifty Shades of Grey Restrain Me Bondage Rope (Twin Pack)-?15

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