A bronzer for darker skin

Being a woman of colour myself, I know how hard it can get to find specific products made for our skin tone especially when the idea that we cannot use certain products is hammered into some of our minds. For example, many believe that darker women cannot or should not wear bronzers because we already have colour to our skin but I don’t see the harm in warming up your skin tone, do you?

 Bronzers are used to create a sun-kissed glow and to warm up our skin. I know many darker skin ladies are scared or maybe do not feel comfortable wearing blusher so opting for a bronzer also works well in making sure that we look bright and alive.

Finding a bronzer for our skin tone can be hard because many brands do not offer a shade that is dark enough to show up on our skin. A lot of WOC You Tubers recently have been raving about the Cover Girl Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer. The bronzer comes in three shades and most importantly there is a bronzer to suit darker skin within the range. I wanted to use this post to enlighten my darker skin ladies that even though we may have some searching to do, there are brands like Cover Girl who provide products for our skin tone.

Quite recently, I’ve been fed up of using your regular contour powder to define my face as it doesn’t warm my face as much as a bronzer would. I’ve had difficulty finding a bronzer that is suited to my skin tone and I liked which isn’t too shimmery or glittery as I tend to prefer the more matte look, especially if I’m going to be contouring with the product. I decided to purchase the Cover Girl bronzer in the darkest shade ‘Q120 Ebony Bronze’. Though it does have tiny gold specs, it is not noticeable when applied to your skin but makes a healthy glow achievable.



 If you decided to use this bronzer to create added warmth rather than just contouring your cheeks, apply it to your cheekbones, outer edges of your face and temples. You may also use it to sculpt your nose and to define your jaw line. For a natural look, start by applying your bronzer at the back of your cheekbones and sweep it forwards towards the apples of your cheeks. Go back and forth in sweeping motions to blend.

Will you be bronzing up this summer?

By Derin


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