A halo for your face

A lip balm and a highlighter in one is a combination that I never really deliberated. However, since the whole natural beauty and glossy lid trend came to pass I began looking for something to create a similar look without the sloppyness of vaseline. I had been given a sample of Belmacz Halo Balm at a Belmacz beauty event last year but as with everything I had put it aside. So on an inspirational day when I wanted to do something different with my look I decided to pick this small Belmacz Halo Balm.

At first glass it just seemed like another lip balm but on close inspection it had intriguing attributes to it. The opalescent shade from the real crushed pearls and shimmer of 24ct gold flecks stood out, displaying the work of art that is Belmacz.

The balm has a pleasant texture which refrains it from being gloopy and excessively thick. What you get is a moisturizing balm that absorbs into the skin leaving your lips perfectly moisturised. I tend to use this as my lipstick base, which makes for easy application and even colour. Even with the extra jazz when applied the balm has no extra qualities other than the instant hydration, which makes it a perfect understated item in your purse .

Aside for the lips it makes a great highlighter which I tend to apply on the the cheek bones allowing me to give my blusher a rest. I also use it on the brows instead of a highlighter and even on my lips when I just want to go completely au naturelle. A trick that I recently learnt is to mix a puny amount with moisturiser and use as a face highlighter, a handy trick I thought. Furthermore, the selling point for me is that unlike using a normal lip balm on a face which can cause your face to erupt in volcanic breakouts, this does no such thing. Thank the key ingredients Rose hip oil and cocoa butter for their nourishing, anti aging and skin loving properties.

For me this one of my favourite products, however, due to the price I am taking my sweet time and being so diligent with it so that it can last me and my future generations.

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