Aminaka Wilmont


Designers Maki Aminaka Lofvander and Marcus Wilmont join together to make designer brand Aminaka Wilmont. Maki from Japan and Marcus from Denmark and met whilst working for Robert Cary-Williams. Both have an educational background studying at Royal College of Art, Central Saint Martins and University of Boras.

The Aminaka Wilmont SS13 collection titled ‘Threicae’ is inspired by scent, more specifically the context of layering that is used within the construction of a perfume. The title ‘Threicae’ is an agent word meaning ‘to draw on skin’, with this collection focusing heavily on the idea of working textures onto bare skin.  Inspired by the elements in the perfume wheel hues of orange, turquoise and lilac mixed with pastels and flashes of bright colours creates a lighter, playful feel.

The digital prints reflect the inspiration of scent and the layering techniques taken from this; floral prints contrasted by harder natural elements; flowers, lion fish, wood, thunder and lightning.
The collection showcases more classic designs including shirts, shirt dresses and structured woven dresses, mixed alongside the label’s famous draping and sharp tailoring. This season combines the structure that is a solid part of the Aminaka Wilmont aesthetic along with a new, sleeker silhouette that is both playful and sophisticated.

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