Andree Marie| The Interview


Meet Andree Marie our stylist spotlight for August. She tells us about what she loves the most about her job and her goals.

1.     Introduce your self

My name is Andree Marie, I am a hairdresser and blogger from south east London.

2.     What made you want to be a hair stylist?

I always wanted to do hair from young, it was a passion that I did not take too seriously but after university, I became extremely determined and I volunteered at my then hairdressers, after a few months they couldn’t get rid of me. I love doing hair and making people what I call ‘hair happy’, it’s cheesy, I  know, but once I know a client or friend is happy, it definitely brings a smile to my face.

3.     What makes you stand out from other stylists?

I can’t talk for other stylists as everyone is different but I really care about what I do, I like to share information and listen to what people have to say about their hair. I love salon work and creative work such as photo shoots, competitions etc. and so far mixing the two together works really well for me.

4.    What is the most popular service that you provide?

At the moment with 90 per cent of what I do, there is a sweeping fringe involved in there somewhere. I would say my top three things I do in the salon at the moment involve a Brazilian blow-dry, a weave or a wash and cut.

5.    Name key products that every girl/guy should have in their hair regime

A great shampoo and conditioner is the start of healthy hair for me, great styling products such as leave in conditioners and or serums are also essential. I also really urge people to get a good comb and a good brush, once you have that, it really helps to upkeep good hair.

6.    What hair trends have you noticed for the summer?

The ombre style, I have done so many in the last few months, definitely a trend which is still around as people are also trying other colours other than blonde. I have also noticed a lot of naturals – big Afros/ short ones… I love it!

7.    What are the common mistakes that you have seen people make with their hair?

Relaxing hair without using a neutralising shampoo, you would be surprised how many people do it. We also get a lot of people who go natural thinking it will be easier to maintain, it’s just as difficult as any other hair.

8.    What would your after care advice be when a client leaves your salon regardless of treatment?

Simple is best, a good shampoo, conditioner and styling products that work on your hair. If you try too many products at once it’s hard to know what does or doesn’t agree with your hair.

9.    What does the future hold for you as a stylist?

Keep growing my clientele, more magazine work, more competition wins, more blogging and some TV work too.


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