Ann Summers The Metal One packs a punch

First of when seeing The Metal One  vibe I wasn’t leaking in my knickers to give it a try. It basically is a cross between an anal bead and a Lightsabar (Star wars sword for those who are right now  trying to image).Not being one for details, I would normally skip over it because really who cares, as long as it works, right.

Well for those that really do care here it is.

  • The shaft is made from Aluminium metal which gives you a very cool sensation. Now the benefit for me is that I can get rid of those darn ice cubes and replace them with this, which will work even better with the upcoming winter.
  • The curved shaft (still the metal part) makes it easier for G-spot stimulation
  • There are 3 speeds and pulses, you know the really unnecessary vibrations that all vibrators have.
  • Its waterproof, a must have feature in my eyes.

Now that we are done with the formalities, let me begin by saying I am obsessed with this little thing. For a small toy the vibrations certainly do pack a punch. When the battery is at its strongest level one and sometimes 2 is enough. Level 3 is pretty much annoying, takes me completely from a state of ‘oh gosh’ I am about to come to I am done. I completely miss coming and all I get is the sensitivity and breathlessness. The pulses, come oonnn (slaps the forehead), why do manufacturers even have these pulses. I see no point to them other than maybe for couple stimulation, which basically is not what the rabbit is about.

Finally, a vibrator with one button. Now, for me buttons on a vibrator are my nemesis. Do brands not realise that I do not have eyes on my vagina to see the buttons. So what essentially happens is that when I am trying to increase the speed, I end up turning on the shaft to vibrate. Or when I need to shut it off because someone has walked into my room I end up increasing the speed making it louder. Me and buttons on vibrators are not friends. With the metal one, press once to turn on, twice for level 2, three times for level 3, four times for pulse and hold to turn off. Even my 3 year old niece can figure that out, which is pretty much the level my brain is at when masturbating. Since I can’t show you a video, not for my privacy reasons but so that you don’t burn a hole through your eyes. Here are how the orgasms look like.

What this does not have is the shaft beads which,twirl, dance and pump, a feature that  is common  in Rabbits. However, The Metal One does not need one. Besides if you are like myself and G-spot stimulation is not your main concern and it is all about the ears, well this certainly takes care of that. Also my clit may be in an awkward position so it is pretty much impossible to use the shaft and ears simultaneously. Again this is not a problem for me because I really only care about the ears. If you are a G-spot girl and like me you struggle to use both features together then you may have to manoeuvre to find the best position to get both of best worlds.
Now to celebrate my new found toy, Lets Dance.  Don’t forget to get yours at Ann summers.


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