balenciaga and roberto cavalli glasses

Au Revoir Contacts, Hello Glasses


balenciaga and roberto cavalli glasses

I remember the first time I realised that something weren’t quite right with my eyes. My mother dismissed it thinking that I was trying to imitate my older cousin. However, that theory was flown out of the window when one random day she wanted me to run for the bus and I couldn’t see which was the right bus and we ended up missing it (evil grin).

An immediate appointment was booked with the eye doctor (yes I know the official name is opticians but I prefer eye doctor) which confirmed what I had been trying to tell her for nearly a year. I needed glasses and not for reading but to actually see, I was short sighted.

Since then I have had an on going battle with my eyes. Being a teenager with glasses and braces in the early noughties or any decade for that matter was not cool, unlike now which it is an apparent trend . I managed until the airing of Ugly Betty which officially took away any hope of building my social status.

As soon as I hit 16 I went straight to the eye doctor and ordered my first set of contacts. However, I soon went back to glasses as I realised that contacts seemed pretty on the paper but in reality was uncomfortable and more high maintenance than glasses. After a while I forgot about the dry eyes and the regular feel of blades attacking my eyes and went back to contacts again for aesthetic reasons, choosing beauty over comfort.

Considering that glasses is now the shiz niz for facial accessories along with random body piercings I am quite happy to go back to it (without the piercing) for the time being and I am sure my eyes will thank me for it. From reading online and having very rare round shape face( my head is shaped like someone sat on the side of my forehead with puffer fish cheeks.) I  have been advised to buy angular shapes to take away from my roundness.  However, I did the complete opposite and just tested every glass shape, round, square, diamond, triangle in the store.

After trying out every glasses in the store about twice and having two assistants and my mum (don’t judge me this can make or break me)I finally set my heart on the two I want.

Balenciaga and Roberto Cavalli  for their two contrasting looks. My everyday look, Balenciagas, this is the ‘I am a highly intelligent woman, please don’t disturb me’ look.  The Roberto Cavalli is fun, fashionable and quirky making me feel like I belong on those eye wear ads in vogue.

So with my two new set of eyes I am now ready to go out in the world and actually see whatever comes my way.

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