Back to Basics: Do you really know your skin type?

I’ve come across a lot of women who actually do not know their skin type which I find weird because it is a key consideration when searching for skin care products and makeup. Even for those who do not wear makeup, achieving or maintaining healthy looking skin would be difficult if you didn’t know what your skin type was right? By the end of this post, I want you to be able to recognise what type of skin you have or even give you a little boost into further research and determining it for yourself.

There are three main skin types; Dry, Oily, and Normal. Then, there’s Combination. Though you may be categorised under one of these, you may still also suffer from sensitivity,dehydration and acne.



1. It is very important that you restore moisture by moisturising with a hydrating cream. Moisturisers with rich and creamy formulas will also help prevent cracking and any flakiness you may have;

2. Be sure to also pick a creamy moisturising cleanser to prevent the stripping of natural oils in your skin;

3. Avoid any products that are alcohol based as this will dry your skin out even more!

Oily Skin

You will easily recognise if you had oily skin as it is noticeable that your skin produces oil excessively. An oily skin type has large pores and is often shiny in most areas with or without makeup. As you tend to produce more oil, your chances of wrinkles are much less than those with dry skin and your skin is more elastic. Unfortunately you are more likely to suffer from break outs and blackheads due to your skin type. It is also very common to suffer from acne with this skin type. Oily skin can be controlled with the right products.


1. Oily skin still needs to be moisturised! Be sure to use a light or an oil-free moisturiser;

2. Use noncomedogenic products to avoid clogging your pores;

3. Always try to use oil-free products;

4. Keep your pores clean. Cleanse with a water-based cleanser twice a day!

Combination Skin

Combination Oily Skin

The combination skin type is one of the most common amongst us. Those with combination skin can fall into two categories; combination oily and combination dry. You are said to have combination oily skin if you are excessively oily in your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and have normal cheeks. It is not the easiest of types to maintain as you are treating two skin types; normal and oily. Treat the normal areas as you would treat normal skin and oily areas as you would oily skin.


1. Treat the two skin types on your face individually and using suitable products for each. I would suggest using a balancing or gentle cleanser;

2. Use a moisturiser suited to your combination skin type.

Combination Dry/Normal Skin
Unlike combination oily where your skin is predominantly oily with normal areas, those with combination dry skin will have the reverse of this where there skin is predominantly dry with a few normal areas. You may find that you are normal around just one part of your face, e.g. normal forehead but dry elsewhere or an normal nose and dry elsewhere.


1. Use a balancing cleanser for combination oily normal and hydrating cleanser for combination dry/normal skin;

2. Use a moisturiser suited specifically for your specific combination skin or use moisturisers for the more predominent skin type.

Normal Skin

A normal skin type is neither too oily nor is it too dry. It tends to have a balance of the two where neither are in excess. Your skin will be of a smooth texture with medium/small pores and a few or no breakouts. This is the most rare skin type.  If you are lucky enough to have this type, make sure to maintain your healthy skin by keeping the pH in your skin balanced! Normal skin doesn’t mean effort doesn’t have to be put in to look after it!


1. Be sure to use pH-balanced products;
2.Use a light water-based moisturiser;
3. Either an oil-based or water-based cleanser will be suitable.

For you ladies out there who weren’t sure of your skin type, I hope you can use this as a guide to determine what type of skin you have. Once you’ve figured which one you may have, you will be able to understand your skin better and look into makeup and skincare products which will correct any skin issues and allow your skin to reach its full potential.

Article by Derin

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