Battle of the Party fragrances


I will admit when I first heard the name black absinthe, I had a sudden flashback to my second year uni house party, where a LOT of absinthe was consumed and a LOT of people passed out…but more on that later! I guess you could kind of say this scent is similar in it’s demeanour to it’s dark alcoholic counterpart. Black Absinthe is dark, alluring & dare I say it – sensual – think french bohemian meets a well-dressed man and you’ve got Black Absinthe! With alluring absinthe leading the way, along with fennel flower and artmesia, you get a herbal yet lively top note. Which creates the perfect pathway for the smooth middle notes of sweet liquorice, juxtaposed by a peppery vetiver, and finally making way for the creamy tonka which creates a sensual, almost come-hither vibe  – great if you’re looking to attract a certain special someone!

Connock London – Kukui

This is perhaps my favourite perfume of the bunch, with a feminine yet tropical vibe. Described by Connock London as “…blended to capture the spirit and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.” So let’s start with it’s packaging, and like every luxury perfume, it’s classic and simple, with white and gold accents which reinforce the luxury of the scent. The jasmine and calla lily floral notes, transport your senses to a paradise land of nature, where the sky is blue and the sun is hot! Laced with base notes of Vanilla Absolute and musk, creates a sultry & mature scent, perfect to complete a sparkly chic christmas party outfit!

Desigual – Fun:

Everything about this perfume just screams fun! From it’s psychedelic, rainbow themed packaging, right down to it’s vibrant, zesty and floral scent, this perfume is a tropical haven! Complete with a mini vanity case, in a loud and fun pattern, this set would make the perfect gift for someone for christmas. This scent is perfect for the summer, but it would also add a touch of brightness to a dark winter’s day with it’s sharp cranberry & white peach top notes.

Monsoon – Rose Gold:

Strong but not stifling. Mature yet modern. Think, sophisticated city girl in a skirt suit with a pair of converses, polished, yet a little rough around the edges – that’s rose gold! Rose gold is everything I am always searching for in a perfume. Vibrant & zesty lemon top notes, brings a modern feminine edge to the perfume, which helps to keep the perfume fresh and compliments the deep, velvety base notes of vanilla & musk! Definitely one for your city girl with the top knot – glamourous, but fresh!

Fran’s Picks


Britney Spears – Fantasy Intimate Edition

When it comes to celebrity perfumes, Britney Spears’ holds a special place in my heart (well not just fragrance wise, I’ve pretty much always been on team Britney..). I remember being 13 and asking for Curious for Christmas, and when it was left under the tree I was ecstatic. I was a proper grown up who owned her own perfume and I wore it rather liberally until it ran out and I hoped for another bottle for my birthday. Although I didn’t get another bottle of Curious *sob* 14 year old me did get a the original Fantasy perfume, and consequently saved up pocket money to replace the heavy amounts I wore to school. Flash forward to today, and while the original Fantasy may be a little too young and sweet for my tastes now, Fantasy Intimate Edition certainly is more catered to the generation that grew up with Britney as an rather than teens as with her previous releases. It has similar floral notes to the original Fantasy but a lot softer and minus the massive amounts of sweetness, I love the fact this brings back so much nostalgia too!

She Who Dares – Dalliance

I’ve not seen either of the She Who Dares fragrances around stores, but they are ones I will be looking for in future. Everything from the bottle and box to the musky jasmine and magnolia floral scents shouts sophisticated lady. This is one of the more mature fragrances out the bunch while still managing to maintain a flirty edge. Perfect for trying to snag that cutie under the mistletoe because as they say “she who dares wins”.

Alesha Dixon – Rose Quartz

When I saw Alesha Dixon had released a perfume, I hoped for something glamorous that would not be out of place worn with one of her gorgeous outfits seen on the Britain’s Got Talent and Strictly Come Dancing judging panels. Although the gorgeous pink bottle wouldn’t look out of place on her BGT dressing table, the fresh and light floral scent is definitely more of a summer picnic than a Christmas party smell. Don’t get me wrong though, the is a gorgeous flirty scent and is well worth adding to your collection ready for the spring and summer.


Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy

As a self confessed girlie girl, I think this perfume is gorgeous, although it may be a little sweet for some tastes. In a similar sense to Britney’s offering, Juicy Couture still brings back memories of watching The Simple Life and lusting after the Juicy velour tracksuits that Paris and various other celebrities donned. Although the bright pink tracksuit teamed with a Von Dutch Trucker trend isn’t a thing anymore, Juicy Couture has moved on far ahead and still manage to capture the fun, young, socialite vibe that those iconic “sweatpants” did all those years ago. The only downside is, if you have a younger sister, she may well be wanting to “borrow” (and not return, sisters eh?!).

Ferrari – Noble Fig

Picking up the bottle, the Ferrari fragrance looks and feels luxurious like the super cars the brand is more known for, with a nod to the motoring roots with the leather cap. This is designed for both women and men, so it’s main fragrance notes come from musk, sage and of course as the name gives away fig. I prefer more floral fragrances so this wasn’t for me personally, however, if you enjoy more bold and spicy scents then this is a unique offering that will certainly last well through partying all night.

Which is your perfume winner?

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