12 Mental Tricks to Turn depression Around

Depressed? 12 Mental Tricks to Turn It Around

Depression-fighting tips Medication can help depression. But a type of therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)—which focuses on changing behavior, rather than talking about your childhood, for instance—can be an effective adjuvant to or even substitute for drugs. “It’s much more focused on what you seem to be doing and thinking that is keeping you […]

How to play poker

5 fashion tips – How to Play Poker Graciously

When learning how to play poker, many players don’t realize that the spectrum of possible strategies they can take is enormous. This means that they don’t innovate, recurring to tactics they saw on TV or that a fellow player told them before they learn poker hands. Innovation is the basis of poker, making it the most complete and complex of all casino games. Falling into the routine only hurts the player chances of winning .

Bomber Jackets are Back

Bomber jackets hold a sort of sentimental value in the fashion epoch. Bomber jackets will be making a come-back once again this 2013! And why is this fashion garment re-entering the fashion era in 2013? Well basically it was originally designed during World War I for pilots, and then it caught on with the 80s-era […]