Christian Blanken


Dutch designer, Christian Blanken known for his edgy and creative styles, brings to us many business savvy outfits. He was born in Netherlands and raised in the Far East and UK where he immersed himself in Art, History and Fashion Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Evidently the Designer did not always believe his future lay in fashion but then later in 1990 he graduated with a MA honours in Fashion Design from Central Saint Martins School of Art.
Once he finished studying, he began working in New York enhancing his expertise; with two years at Michael Kors. He unveiled his own collection in 1995, which Blanken sustained for three years, with his designs displayed in several films, thanks to partnership with director Mary Harron.  After working with Diane Von Furstenburg he returned to the UK to work with Harvey Nichols where he had a private label womenswear collection in Harvey Nichols. Here he re-established his own label in 2008 whilst concurrently retaining a position with MaxMara.
His sophisticated eye for sharp detail and elaborate statements in fashion set his pared-down collection on a whole new level. His designs focus on modern classics giving a contemporary feel to his line of fashions. Blanken’s style features limited colour yet it still makes an impact due to the intensity and sharp silhouettes he structures with such utilitarian distinction.
Blanken’s SS13 collection is one that will be his most noticeable collection to date. His inspiration stems from the conspicuous summer filled with sporting events this year, he combined patent white leathers with soft jersey and suede numbers. He has added revolutionary edge to his signature tailoring and simple visual using mesh tanks and shiny metallics. The subdued colour palette allows the attention to be fully drawn in to the shape and sharpness of the limited bursts of colour in the form of fuchsia and sweet shades. We are able to see his attention to detail through the over sides zips used, and geometric lines which add to the athletic influence.
His elusive insertions of creases and a buckled pinafore dress suitably combined with seasonal cropped jackets prepared for relaxed  laid back summer styles and a confident, design front-runner.

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