Detox your skin Outside and Inside

Currently I am on some sort of detox, Jannette style which is kind off a detox slash diet. Every one wants to go on a detox of some sort, whether it is a day, a gradual detox where you just have some miracle drink that claims to get rid of all the nasties that have breeded in your system to hard core detoxes like the lemon juice diet aka starvation detox. As much as I like to convince myself that I will turnover a new leave and cleanse myself from inside out, I still haven’t been brazen enough to do an internal spring clean.

However, I have found an alternative in the form of Elemis Skin Bliss Capsules. If I can’t be disciplined enough to cleanse myself inside out, then I can try the other way round. I admit that I am not Skin Bliss virgin. Being an Elemis trained therapist I have done my share of sales on this beauty. Always recommending to clients that has stressed, dehydrated and basically abused skin, but I never actually used them for long enough to completely get the experience. I was trained in depth on how to use the products and what it is all about and have had clients come back and continuously praise it.

Last month I had my chance (finally) to use them and I must say that they really do make a difference. There are two types of capsules, rose for the day and lavender for night, both sharing one ingredient Moringa oil. Moringa oil is an oil known to have more antioxidants than any oil thus improving the skins ability to regenerate providing that fresh looking skin we all covet for.

These tiny capsules certainly pack a punch with the oil being enough to cover face and neck. From the first day my skin felt more moisturised with an instant glow. By the end of the week I noticed my skin looked healthier, skin tone more even and soft to the touch. Now a month into the treatment and nearly finished I can say that the overall health of my skin has dramatically improved.

For a combination skin like myself I would advise selecting a light moisturiser to apply on top. I found it worked brilliantly with Body Botanics Tea Tree and Zinc moisturising cream which provided the perfect balance of moisture without the dripping skin.

So would I continue recommending these little gems, yep I will. For me it certainly did make a noticeable difference to my skin. Normally you will get one months use, however, Elemis has launched a super size set which includes 120 capsules to last 2 months. Once I have completed the 30 day course, I will be repeating the routine again in the autumn after the summer months when my skin will be in dire need.

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