Dos and don’ts of being a young, twenty-something woman


Okay.  Before you start raising your eyebrows and wondering what right I have to tell anyone  how to be and what to do,  just bear in mind that this is intended as a light-hearted article with a few bits of wisdom (I hope) taken from my own experiences that you can either choose to take or leave as you see fit.

As I’m approaching my mid-twenties (scary as it is) I have learnt a few things, repeated way too many mistakes, and dug my own grave a few times.  If I’m honest a lot of people (our friends, family, boyfriends etc.) all expect us to have somehow figured things out and catch things when they fall Spiderman-style on a dinner tray, and smile like it was nothing. If truth be told, it is rarely ever so simple no matter how perfect everything may seem on the outside.

Here are some simple things you can do which I believe could lighten the load of adulthood, and help make the most of it.

DO have your ‘me time’.  Whether you live in a bustling city like I do or surrounded by cows, life is hectic and sometimes stressful.  The moments that you spend alone are precious.  Whatever you do, whether you put on your favourite 90’s movie or writing in your journal, make sure you always save some time for number one.

DON’T cry over spilt milk.  I don’t mean literally, unless it’s on a really expensive dress.  But learn to let things go.  You didn’t get that job. That dress is sold out in your size. So what? It wasn’t meant to be.  Life is too short.  Cheesy but true.

DO make lists.  Not shopping lists, but a list of actual attainable goals that can be met in the nearest future.  It’s a bit like a bucket list that you actually pay attention to. Why wait until you’re a dinosaur to do the things you really want to do? Let’s all take advantage of the fact that we’re the healthiest, most beautiful, and ambitious we’ll ever be. And it will feel great when you start crossing things off.

DON’T wear the wrong bra size.  We’ve all done it, and I’m surprised how many women still go on, unaware that they’re wearing the wrong bra size.  The bra you should be wearing always ends up being in a smaller size than you think.  We choose the bigger size because we all want our bra to feel weightless and comfy.  Wear the right booby zoo because it secures everything much better and gives you confidence.

DO extend the olive branch.  Opening yourself up to meeting new people and trying different things is exciting. Otherwise you do end up missing some great opportunities.  Thanks to this attitude I managed to go bungee jumping in New Zealand and I was an air hostess for a year. It’s about the journey, not the destination, and I regret nothing.

DON’T stick around if he’s not the one.  Your gut instinct is there for a reason, if it’s telling you he’s not right, chances are you’d be better off.  The more you wait the harder it will be.

and last but not least,

DO listen to your elders.  They’ve been there, done that and most of the time, even though I hate to admit it, they’re right.  No, they’re not trying to secretly sabotage your life – believe or not.

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