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Feng Sushi, the sushi chain that boosts eight restaurants across London, is perfect for all the sushi lovers out there, even the sushi snobs like myself!

Located a reasonable walk away from West Brompton station, the Japanese hub welcomes you into a well deserved distraction away from the city stress into the tranquility of quaint sushi restaurant.

Upon arrival you are greeted by friendly staff who usher you to a table. After examining the menu, restaurant staff promptly ask you what drinks you would like and if you are ready to order.

We were treated to a number of delicious sushi selections. We started off with Miso soup which can only be described as a warm cup of Japan, bursting with flavour.

We then moved onto having a selection of sushi dishes including, the 22 Feng Collection, Salmon Tataki and Californian Maki.

The 22 Feng Collection consisted of yellow tail sushi which had a smooth texture and a very subtle flavour, the squid sushi which had a crunchy texture and subtle hint of seafood, the mackerel sushi which lovingly flaked in your mouth, oozing a fishy flavour and also a selection of salmon sushi.

The Salmon Tataki included slices of seared salmon which had a lovely melt in the mouth, fishy flavour but it was not overpowered by the ginger or wasabi sauce.

The final sushi selection we indulged in was the Californian Maki which was a ball full of gooey/ sticky rice, bursting with avocado and crab claw meat, topped off with cucumber.

For dessert we had Champagne and strawberry macaroons and chocolate, wasabi and blood orange ice cream. The ice cream was an exciting twist on ice cream, blending new flavours which complemented each other and the macaroons were delicious; they had a smooth glaze on the outside and you crunched into an intoxicating mixture of flavours.

The restaurant makes good use of the limited space and the lighting, along with the fish take adds to the modern, clean simplicity of Japanese culture. The restaurant also plays a current playlist that murmurs in the background.

Feng Sushi is a brilliant sushi restaurant that will not disappoint even the toughest sushi critiques! All their food is oozing with Japanese flavour and will definitely not leave you hungry!

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