Fragrance your hair with Hairy Jane

You know that freshly washed hair smell that you keep on sniffing and hoping it stays forever. Then after a day or so it begins to fade and your only hope is to wait for your next wash.I am forever finding products that would give my hair that sweet smelling scent. I am 5 feet 2 so anyone that I hug has  a direct sniff at my hair as I am mainly at chest height for most people. Which increases my need to always have great smelling hair.

So what did I find to solve my nice smelling hair problem?  A hair perfume or specifically Hairy Janes hair perfume. Prior to our meeting I never considered a hair perfume. It just sounded like more chemicals to add to my hair that would of course make my overly dry hair more dry, consequently I ignored it. Then Hairy Jane was brought to my attention, a hair perfume that was handmade with ingredients that are naturally derived. As Jane says her products are ‘made with love’

There are three options to choose from and I particularly found it hard to decide citrus, floral or musk. Musk might be too heavy, floral too flowery and citrus to orangey. Yep decisions decisions, life can be so hard. I opted for the citrus simply because I like citrus scents and good citrus scents can be quite refreshing especially in the summer months. The scent is very citrus more on the lemony side. Aside from the fact that it makes your hair smell nice it also is a heat protectant meaning you can use prior to using heat on your hair. You can use it on both wet or dry hair but I opted just to use it as a hair perfume.

This is a nice addition to your hair care regime and as it comes in a 50ml bottle it is a perfect travel companion.  So keep it in your handbag for those after work events that you just can’t skip.

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