How to get through ‘cuffing season’ alone


cuffing season

Yup, that term has been cropping up all over the internet ever since summer flings have fizzled out, from everyone who doesn’t want to spend the long, cold, winter nights alone watching Netflix and X Factor. With the freezing weather making everything look all doom and gloom outside, I for one am more reluctant to leave the house and face gale force winds or heavy rain that leaves me soaking, despite having a coat on and a hat. And holding an umbrella. As strong and single as some of the women may be who cringe at such a term, (‘cuffing’ sounds like your new boyfriend is serving a prison sentence being with you), even the most cynical would agree that you can’t beat a cosy night in with a takeaway and a glass of wine watching your favourite show, with someone right there with you to listen to your (never annoying) running commentary of why all the contestants on X Factor this year (and every year) are just not up to standard.

Whether you’re voluntarily single or don’t have a man to ‘cuff’ right now, you can go through winter without sinking in an oblivion of loneliness and despair while your ‘cuffed’ up friends, (the word is now making me cringe) upload Instagram photos of themselves and their boyfriends drinking hot chocolate, cuddled up on the sofa. You may want a man but you don’t need one just cos it’s cold outside.


Get a life: In the nicest way possible, it is important to have things to do in your day to day life that serve a purpose e.g. Going to university, undergoing a course of some kind, working, or even looking for these things. Something that doesn’t mean you are moping around all day doing nothing at all will leave less room for boredom. These things give you less time to be thinking about not having a boyfriend. More importantly, you’re being productive and working to reach your goals- let’s get our priorities straight, here. You’ll be grateful you have the evening to yourself to relax anyway. Me time takes priority over boyfriend time. Take up that hobby you always wanted to do, go to the gym!

Make plans: If you have things to look forward to, everything is better. A drink with a friend, a night out, a night in, a holiday; nothing is a better bet at making you happy than things you really wanna do with people you love. That Tuesday afternoon is a hell of a lot easier to get through if you’re having dinner and a catch up with your best friend later. Best friend or awkward first date when it’s raining cats and dogs outside?

Don’t be fooled- Sure, on Instagram and every social media platform out there it looks like people with a boyfriend, or those who have just gotten in a relationship conveniently after Summer is over, have got it pretty good right now. In Winter, like the animals that we are, we are prone to hibernating and are less willing to brave the cold wind. No more pub gardens and blue skies to enjoy. But, relationships aren’t all cuddles and selfies. Do you really want to be in a relationship and deal with the stresses of a relationship? Is having someone to cuddle up with from time to time when you can’t be bothered to go out worth the arguments? Even if a relationship is something you desperately want right now, think of the hassle you’ll be avoiding and enjoy the present. Appreciate your single status.

This leads to the all important…

You’re not desperate: Winter is very romantic- it’s cold outside, it’s warm inside, Christmas lights and the festive spirit can make you all sentimental and fuzzy inside, but remember;  you can’t throw your standards out of the window just so you have someone to drink egg nog with. If there’s no boyfriend on the cards right now, take it on the chin and spend the money you would use on their Christmas prezzies on yourself- hello January sales!

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