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Ingredients are powerful little things, they are pretty much the deciding factor on whether we click buy or not. Brands spend copious amounts of time researching and experimenting to find that key ingredient that will make their product a market leader. ‘Sourced from the highest peak of kilimanjaro’ or ‘ contains moringa oil, natures anti ageing ingredient’ are descriptions you will find on product labels pushing you to spend your hard earned money.

How do we know what ingredients to buy into or look for when purchasing that one product that will cater to our beauty needs. Well its simple, ingredients that have been written about and are trending. Just like fashion and beauty trends, ingredients also trend. Coconut, olive oil, tea tree, aloe vera, honey are all ingredients that are continuously trending.

But why do we keep buying products that contain ingredients that only contain coconut oil. When you actually read the ingredients list to find that only 1% of the product actually contains coconut oil and the remaining are chemicals. Going Raw to me is like eating clean, getting rid of processed products and going for mother natures ingredients. Body Botanics UKwas created by the lovely Heidi who hand makes all of her products to cater to various skin types and needs. Products are made in small batches to keep fresh for each customer. Her core range is simple providing skin and body care for everyone. Heidi explains:

I studied beauty therapy, aromatherapy and then later a degree in herbal medicine. I’ve always loved making potions and believe in a natural way of life without chemicals and without  harm to the environment. My products are made as healthfully and as ethically as they can be and I only use high quality ingredients.

Tea Tree and Zinc daily moisturiser has been designed for oily and problematic skin basically the teenage me. If I had received this product 10 years ago I would have cut my little finger for it. However, overtime I have shunned the scent of tea tree.Whilst I do have a disdain for tea tree and would be happy if I never had the displeasure to smell it again I actually liked the moisturiser. The texture is similar to a gel rather than a cream, once rubbed into the skin it leaves a light film, but within seconds it magically disappears into the skin leaving no evidence at all. For problematic skin the gel/cream is quite cooling to the skin which is a pro for those red volcanic bumps.

Now for those who are lucky enough to have normal skin type congrats for having the rarest skin and being able to use this lovely Lavender and Rose moisturising cream. I have problematic combination skin which by the end of the day it produces enough oil to power London and potentially Europe. However, this moisturiser I found to be my favourite, quite similar to the Tea Tree and Zinc moisturising cream without the tea tree. This too seemingly disappears into the skin buts leaves the skin much more moisturised.

For night, Hemp and Aloe night cream is designed to soothe and deeply moisturise the skin whilst its in its regeneration stage aka sleep time. I find this to be great for the not so mature skin or someone who is not fussed on whether their face resembles the London underground map. It brings moisture to the skin without leaving the skin suffocated and if you have claustrophobic skin then this could potentially be your answer. I have been known to use this during the day when my skin needs that extra bit of moisture and protection against the evils in the environment.

Now the Bergamot and Patchouli uplifting bath and body oil has got to be my favourite body oil of all time, I seriously have never fallen so hard before. From the first twist of the cap, I was hit by a wave of sweet citrusy scent. The key oils are Bergamot and Patchouli and if you are a stalker of my posts you will know my love for citrus scents. I love applying this over my wet skin and patting the skin dry to seal in the moisture and boy does it seal because for the remainder of the day my skin is soft and hydrated. The oil has a lovely texture not too light or too heavy but just right. For an added sheen to the body apply it dry on certain areas. The only downside to this is that I wish that it continuously refills itself so I never run out.

Bath melts, why on earth would I want a bath melt and what exactly is it meant to do for me?  I have heard of bath melts but never really thought to actually venture out and purchase one. Why?  because it sounded dumb and pointless. Well I couldn’t be so wrong, they may not be a bath necessity to most people but it should be. Infact, I am now going to create a bill that adds bath melts as a requirement in a bath along with water and Radox. Rose & Shea Butter Bath Melts melts literally leaves a film of oil on your skin after you get out of the bath, which is mainly due to the Cocoa Butter ( a fave ingredient of mine), I must admit my first use was like a baby taking its first steps, I weren’t exactly sure what I was doing but went with what I thought was right. But regardless of whether or not I was doing it right it certainly made an improvement on my skin. These Bath melts are now called ‘In bath moisturiser’, I think this same justifies the product much more.

I have severe dry lips and if my doctor actually took me serious he would have diagnosed it as a skin condition. Due to this ‘skin condition’ I am always on a search for a revolutionary lip product. Now as a qualified unpaid beauty tester I have come across the best and the ‘wish I never tried that product’ products. This product has my two favourite things the scent of citrus which is rather sweet leaning to sickly but I love it and it is a balm. Why would I love something sickly sweet because in my head this balm may be the key to finally battling the bulge. You know when ‘they’ (I say they because I don’t know whose stupid idea to think a fruit would replace a sweet craving) say if you have a sweet craving have a fruit. Which of course never works so you go back to pick up the kit kat you originally wanted. Well, I am convinced this cuts it out. Instead of going for the fruit pick up this lime and gardenia lip balm. If you are not sold just because its a good balm then pick up because its a great weight loss tool.

If every small company was like this I would certainly abandon my favourite brands and create a whole site dedicated to independent companies. The products all do their jobs efficiently.Each product used was selected by Heidi herself to suit the appropriate skin type or condition. I would say that Body Botanics UK is for anyone who wants to go much more natural without cutting back on quality. In the range you will find products for the face to the hands. So if you are looking to gift someone with their first skincare set or their last this is certainly a brand you should keep in mind.

*In collaboration with Body Botanics UK

Body Botanics UK

20Body Botanics Range
30Rose & Shea Bath Melts- ?6.95
30Tea Tree & Zinc Moisturising Cream (for oily, problem skin)- ?11.95
20Hemp & Aloe Night Repair Cream (for normal to dry skin)-?12.95
20Lavender & Rose Moisturising Cream (for normal skin types) ?12.95
20Bergamot and Patchouli- ?8.95
30Lime & Gardenia Lip Balm


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