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Fringes and bobs are hot this spring and summer season. Seen on a variety of catwalks such as Balmain, Lanvin, Calvin Klein and a vast amount of celebrities. Bobs this season are not short and high maintenance, instead they are low maintenance and create an effortless look, longer, wavy and gone with the wind.  On the other hand, fringes are defined, stronger and bolder with celebs going the full hog instead of wispy, typical examples include Lily Allen, Katy Perry and Rihanna.

So what is it about these styles that have celebs and hair stylist going all googoo gaga. The new bob or reinvented bob is approximately shoulder length and can be adapted to suit any face shape.There really isn’t any moulds, just a free for all.

Now the fringe is my personal favourite due to the fact that it hides most of my facial expressions since I have such an expressive face to my detriment. The fringe is more  defined, fuller, bigger and in your face (literally). For someone like me who absolutely hates selfie, it makes it that more easier considering half my face is hidden so less work.

As the summer months are fast approaching and the summer rays are sporadically popping up I was reminded that I needed to update my look for Spring Summer 2014. Since chopping my hair off at Jamie Stevens salon last year I have been growing it out, trying to get it to its normal ‘womanly’ lengths. So there was no way on earth that I will undergo a chop and forsake all my hardwork. I knew from the get go my hair needed to stay shoulder length. Furthermore,  a fringe would be needed for the reasons above. Taking those thoughts in account I knew what I wanted, a reinvented bob with a fringe, not a half arsed fringe but a warrior like fringe. As they say go hard or go home.

To do this I need a stylist/salon that knew what the fuck they were doing rather than just making it up as they go along. I needed someone who will look at my football head ( not the hey arnold american style football but the english football. ) and know how to cut it to create the oh so desired oval face shape. I understood that it would be with great difficulty as my head shape is more of an awkward pear shape, hamster like cheek, kinda narrow forehead which hosted beetle shaped eyes.

Richard Ward was my choice and the lovely Sabrina was recommended to me. I explained to her my look but being curious I asked her what her thoughts would be (btw always do so, they know more that you). She advised me to go with a versatile bob, one which I can have a side fringe, middle parting etc. Ok, this is not what I went in for but I went with it, besides if I didn’t like the half arsed fringe, I can always go for the committed fringe.

The result, moveable, versatile hair that I can change whenever I want. Am I happy, Yes, I certainly am. Who wants hair sticking to their melting makeup in searing heat  anyway. This style is much more practical especially for someone like me who hardly wants to do anything to her hair other than wash, blow dry and straighten (which is not by choice of course.).

I didn’t follow the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and all the other celebs replicating the fringe and realised that I wasn’t a model at Lanvin. Instead I went with something that would suite my unique face. Moral of the study, do you and forget everyone else, oh yeah and listen to your hairstylist especially if they have styled the Duchess.

*Thanks to Fisola Olukoya for the images.

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