in one ear

In one ear out the other

In one ear out the other is something that my mum continuously repeats to me. So when I came across these beauties I just had to try them out. This is my alternative to keeping memories rather than tattoos.

Everyone that knows me knows that jewellery is not my thing and if I opt for one they have to be either dainty or making a statement. I find that these earring do both but in its own way. The statement on the earrings is in fact a statement, obvious or what?  The earrings are so light that at times I even forget I have them on. Which eases my fear of developing enlarged ear hole from heavy and rusted earrings (which by the way didn’t happen with these.)

If you are like myself then you love being unique, which makes these earrings even more special as they are from Etsy store Five for silver designs. The earrings are personalised and made to order just for you. Who needs to be a celebrity to get things made for you. Of course there are other options, if you are more into personalisation then have your initials engraved or select the other options.

Now, if you are all about the earth which I try to be,  these earrings are made from ECO silver which is recycled sterling silver. You get to look pretty whilst taking care of the earth, bonus I think.

The owner Clare is lovely enough to even offer more personalisations if you request it, aint she a darling.

In one ear out the other earrings


I love these beauts and will definitely be stopping by Clare’s little Etsy corner for some more shopping sessions.

*Image by Fisola Olukoya

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