Into the Blue


Blue, the colour itself signifies peace, trust, loyalty and security. However, place that blue on your face and what you can get is confidence, self assurance and boldness.

Blue for Spring and Summer have been everywhere in the catwalks and I have no doubt that it will be stalking you this summer. If you are not wearing it someone will. So what is it about blue that has me so excited. I think my favourite look has to be the Mark Jacobs models who wore a striking cobalt blue as a block of colour of their eyes. Models also used striking blue on the lower line.  Another look was Zoe Jordan where the girls highlighted their inner lower eyeline with a flash of turquoise shimmering blue. David Koma created a graphic design with blue on the outside corner of the eyes creating an alternative to the cat eye.

Regardless of the catwalk, each show follows the same ethos when wearing blue on the face. Make it all about the blue and leave the rest alone. Well, not alone but keep the rest of the face natural focusing on highlighting and natural lips.

I remember blue mascara in my school days, oh how I loved it and thought I was so cool ( which I was btw). I personally won’t recommend wearing blue eyeshadow (Kiko Water eyeshadow indigo blue)  and mascara (Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in Bleu) together but who am I to hold you back from your creative flair.

Now if you wake up in the morning with the I don’t give a fuck attitude then I would suggest going one step further and wearing a blue lipstick (Stargazer lipstick in 105). To have a deeper and more vivid colour base your lips with black lipliner or rather eyeliner and then apply the blue lipstick.

Aside from wearing blue on the face,  the nails (Top Shop Too Good to be Blue) is my second most favourite thing after watching Games of Thrones. Just like the face, blue nails creates a striking effect on the hands automatically adding it as a fashion accessory.

Regardless of how you wear blue, on your hair (which by the way looks awesome on black hair), lips, eyes, nails or your nether regions as a Vajazzle, remember there is no need to add designs to over complicate things with this colour. This colour alone demands attention and will not be sidelined by anything else.

Into the blue

00Lupita Nyongo blue eyeshadow
00Ashanti Blue lipstick
00Christina Milan

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