Do we really still believe that black men have bigger penises

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The foreigner is often considered somewhat a mystery, exotic, a God built of muscles and masculinity. But what is it really that attracts us to the foreigner? Is it the element of the unknown? Or is it the thought that this person could be different to what we’re all use to?
Across different cultures, there are sexual stereotypes. Black men are renowned for their girth whereas Asians seem to take flack for their size. Due to cultural stereotypes, our view of the world is somehow skewered. Usually, the world is wrapped and tied in a pretty pink bow to make it appear like a dream land where anything is possible. Anyone can be anything. But, standing in the way of the males who believe in this is their cultural stereotype. This can be a positive or a negative but either way, it effects.
Having experience with different cultures and ethnicities I can vow that these presumptions lack truth. My first encounter with finding out this truth is with Nico. He was Italian. Italian Stallion. My experience was less than extraordinary. I mean, maybe it was an off chance that I suffered for two months trying to guide him to my g-spot when really I should have given up. But my motto is if it’s broke fix it, but maybe this situation was just too broken to repair. In the end I gave up and he flew off back to Italy.
In light of black men, I can vouch for them that the larger than average dick reputation is a lie. I have never complained about their sexing ability and as any smart Cosmo girl, I am aware that penis size isn’t a racial trait. Just because he is a different race, this doesn’t mean his junk is out of this world big. Obviously, their girth is naturally bigger than white guys, as I have learnt.  But, there seems to be a big exaggeration in light of size.


Personally, I have no experience with any man who is Asian but I am sure the reputation of their small penises is one that is false. Just like with all stereotypes, they can be, and often are, proven wrong.

Anyways, when a penis is flacid, you aren’t seeing its true abilities ladies. It’s size is an illusion because on average, when a  man is hard, his penis grows by around 8 inches. Meaning that your 5 incher could go to a near 6 when he’s turned on.  It may not be you who has a problem with your man’s junk, but he might. There are such products out there such as penis enlarging tools, tablets and even surgery which is able to increase a penis between 1 and 2 inches. Irregardless, men are men! Their penis size and ability in bed has nothing to do with where they are from. Men are all the same species, their ability is down to practice, experience and athleticism. A penis is a penis. It’s what he can do with it that counts and if his ability isn’t up to scratch it never hurt anyone to whip out some toys from Ann Summers.


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