Jean Pierre Braganza


Braganza was born in London, raised in Canada. Jean-Pierre Braganza began his creative career studying Fine Arts at York University, Toronto. Braganza didn’t originally vision of delving into a living in fashion design, however, his voyage began in his natural Canada where he was studying Fine Art. Nominated as the winner of a solo exhibition in the main gallery of the university, the designer has spent endless contemplative hours deciding what to wear that night and what others may wear. This tailored obsession leads him to take a step forward into the fashion industry.

His style is tangible and fresh when it concerns fashion. After graduating from Central Saint Martins, Jean-Pierre worked with Roland Mouret before setting up his own label. His eponymous debut at London Fashion week was in 2004. He showcased his collections all around the world, in numerous cities, including but not limited to Tokyo, Sydney, Toronto, Berlin, Kiev. As a qualifier in the finalists in many a significant fashion awards, including the British Fashion Councils Fashion Forward award, The Swiss Textiles award, and the Mango fashion award, Braganza went on to be selected by Karl Lagerfeld as his protege for the AW08/09 season.

Braganza relished in the design freedom he had, he was able to experiment with various shapes, techniques and aesthetics. He is known to be obsessed with tailoring and looking at things from a tailoring perspective. His designs are eye-catching and his inspiration is drawn from influences of modern art, science fiction and fantasy. In essence, he is drawn to modern ideas, which is exactly what was given to us in the collaboration for spring summer London Fashion Week.

He worked with Ukranian ethno-modern artist Ziniada Lihacheva, who he met after she attended his show in February 2011. They both recognised a common passion for visceral dark symbolism and beautiful clothing.  Braganza has created prints grounded on Lihacheva’s paintings – organic bespatters of cavernous colour that acts as a flawless contrast to the intricate tailoring and corporeal hangings that the designer is known for.

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