Karamel & Brown Glow Mousse and Glow Creme Review

Always wanted that sun-kissed glow without sitting in the sun all day and damaging your skin? Or maybe you’ve just failed to find a bronzing product that is suited to your darker skin tone? Your search is finally over as Karamel & Brown have developed a product for us women of colour who have desired this look!

Saying that I was very excited is an understatement when I found out that I’d be reviewing the new bronzing range from Karamel & Brown London. I’ve always loved that bronzed look that Caucasian women are able to achieve with many products on the market and felt that my skin lacked warmth and glow. Parts of my body are quite pale and I’ve never been able to find a product to add warmth to my skin tone as most of the products out there are designed for women with much lighter skin so you can understand why I was more than happy to give the Karamel & Brown products a try.

I was sent their ‘Glow Mousse’ and ‘Glow Creme’ to review. The products were sent with Glow Mitts and Gloves for an even and seamless application. I used both products for a while in order to share my honest opinions with the readers. I’ve never used any sort of bronzing or tanning product before, so at first I was a bit unsure of what to do. At the time, their website was still under construction but with help and direction from the lovely Cheryl Effiom (founder of Karamel & Brown), I realised that the application was very simple and results were very easy to achieve. I was also sent directions for use which are now available on their website.

Glow Creme Application (Face)

“An ultra-hydrating and lightly textured creme with vitamin rich moisturisers, organic Aloe Vera, anti-oxidants and premium active ingredients to create an exceptionally long lasting glow that fades evenly. Glow Creme has an instant bronzer guide colour and develops to a gorgeous natural looking streak free glow, with a sumptuous coconut fragrance. Suitable for both face and body; whatever your skin type it’s easy to achieve a radiant glow, without the sun.”

 Though the Glow Mousse can be applied directly onto your face, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that at first so Cheryl advised that I could mix the Glow Creme with my usual face moisturiser to achieve the radiant glow that I craved.

I prepped my face using my regular cleanser. As suggested, I then mixed a pea sized amount of the product with my moisturiser. Directions state that you should not bathe or shower for 12 hrs once applied, so make sure you use this at an appropriate time of the day. The next day, my skin looked slightly more even and healthier but I hadn’t achieved the intensity that I wanted so I reapplied the Glow Creme. After the second application had developed, I did notice that my skin had a subtle yet noticeable glow to it.

Though it is suggested that you mix your moisturiser with the Glow Creme, the Glow Creme itself is moisturising and some may be able to use it by itself. For those with dry skin, I recommend that you mix it with your regular moisturiser.

Glow Creme and Glow Mousse Application (Face)

 Out of curiosity, after the second application of Glow Creme had developed, I finally decided to apply the Glow Mousse on my face for another two days. Once these further two applications had developed, my skin looked amazing! I had the most beautiful glow and warmth that I was looking for. I felt that I needed to wear very little foundation. In fact, I used less than half the amount of foundation I usually use. Though I didn’t get the results I had imagined from the Glow Creme alone, mixing both products gives you very intense results and the healthiest natural looking glow which eliminates the use of foundation, concealer and bronzer! This is especially good for those hot summer days where you really don’t want to be wearing much on your face. If you do have a lot of blemishes, you may just dab concealer on the areas needed and you’re done.

 How long did it last?

Using a combination of Glow Creme (two days of application) and Glow Mousse (further two days of application), my ‘glow’ lasted four days from the last application.

Using a combination of Glow Creme and Glow Mousse where I used the creme and mousse on the first day and then the creme alone for a further two days, my ‘glow’ lasted two days from the last application.

 I achieved longer lasting results with an additional day of the Glow Mousse. Results may vary from person to person. The fact that I cleanse my face twice a day may have affected the duration.

Glow Mousse Application (Body)

“An ultra-hydrating and lightly textured mousse containing a blend of natural ingredients, anti-oxidants, and moisturizers specifically formulated for fast and easy hand application with a Glow Mitt. Glow Mousse has an instant bronzer guide colour and develops to a gorgeous natural looking streak free glow, with a sumptuous coconut fragrance.”

It wouldn’t make sense for me to test out the Glow Creme on my entire body as I’m not a exactly a small person and I don’t think I would get as many uses of it so instead, I opted to test out the Glow Mousse.

It is important that you exfoliate and your body is free of any other products before application for the best results. Using the Glow Mitt provided for a smooth and even coverage and I applied the Glow Mousse to my clean skin. I did this for two days to achieve my desired intensity of a rich and warm glow. Here are some pictures to show you results you can achieve with the Glow Mousse in just two days:

Natural skin tone

After 1st application

After 2nd application

Looks like I’ve been sitting on the beach for hours doesn’t it? Exactly what my sister said as soon as she saw me! She noticed straight away and asked where I had been; unaware that it was all down to my Karamel & Brown Glow Mousse!

How long did it last?

The Glow Mousse lasted six days from the last application. This is quite good as I only had to apply the product twice for the intensity that I required. The ‘glow’ also fades evenly so you need not worry about looking patchy or dirty.

Final thoughts

The first thing I noticed about these products was the smell. They both have a lovely coconut scent. It didn’t bother me at all but if coconut does not take your fancy, then it may bother you. Aside from the scent, the products are packed with beneficial ingredients including Aloe Vera. I don’t know what it was but I couldn’t help but notice how silky my skin felt when cleansing after I had used these products.

For first timers like myself, you are also provided with a Glow Mitt to be used with the Glow Mousse for an even application which I believe is a good idea to get the best coverage possible. The Glow Mousse washes out don’t worry about having a dirty looking mitt lying around in your bathroom.

I love the idea behind this product. I am very happy that there is now a company that provides products aimed at Asian, Black and Mixed Heritage complexions to give us the opportunity to enhance the warm shades already present in our skin tone.

Having tried both the Glow Creme and Glow Mousse, I do find that the Glow Mousse develops quicker and to a much richer intensity than the Glow Creme. I would recommend the Glow Creme to those who are still after a bronzed look but want to keep it subtle. When using these products on your face, don’t forget to apply it to your ears and do not overdo it – especially when using the Glow Mousse as you will appear much darker and if overused, you may risk your usual foundation bec
oming mismatched to your skin.

Be sure to follow the directions given by Karamel & Brown to achieve the best results. Do not get into bed straight after application as you will stain your sheets! Allow the product to dry and develop and meanwhile wear dark clothing as stated.

The only downside is the price. The volumes are quite small for someone who wishes to use this weekly and on their whole body and they will find themselves repurchasing quite often.

Price and Availability

Karamel & Brown have quite a few products in their bronzing range. The products come in two sizes; 50ml (trial size) and 200ml.

Glow Mousse Trial Size 50ml – ?6.95

Glow Mousse 200ml – ?18.95

Glow Creme Trial Size 50ml – ?6.95

Glow Creme 200ml – ?16.95

Both products are available to buy on www.karamelandbrown.co.uk


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