Men dont know our bodies as well as they think. Survey Says.

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men dont know our bodies

Over my sexual years I have learnt many things but one thing stands out the most. Never listen to a guy that tells you how great he is in bed or how quickly he can make you come, because more or less he ends up falling flat on his face. This may or not be his fault but by getting me so excited, my imagination goes buckwild causing my expectations to soar through the roof. So whilst he might be average or moderately good, the fact that he didn’t live up to my overactive fantasy makes him awful in bed.

Furthermore, I have had men prod, poke, treat my vagina like it was part of a porn flick, literally eat my vagina making it sore for days and turn my vagina into a science experiment whilst he learns to find my clit. This experience has been far more common than a guy who massages and does things to it that makes my vagina want him again the next day.


A recent study by Soft Paris, a French sex company who by the way is sponsoring this month’s competition, reveals that men really have a lot to learn when it comes to satisfying us women sexually. See the survey here.

Whilst this survey does not surprise me in the least, it doesn’t really explain the cause of the problem. We may sit here and man bash, complain about never having an orgasm, how he prodded your vagina like a science experiment etc. but if we were to really do a test on our own vaginas, would we really be able to pass the test? Would we be able to accurately locate the most sensitive part of our vaginas, identify our own vaginas from a 10 other vaginas, find our G-spot, make ourselves orgasm within the 3 mins men last for? If you had to do a test on your vagina would you pass with flying colours or get the same marks as the men?

You see, a guy trying to please us is the same as us trying to please a guy. Giving a blowjob, the only thing you can rely is the oohs, aahs, yes baby or ‘Am about to come’. That to us means a job well done. We don’t have a penis to know how a blowjob feels. Just like guys don’t have a vagina to know how uncomfortable it is when he tries to do that teeth trick on your clit.

So the best solution to this is to tell him what to do and the only way you can do that is by learning about your own vagina. I can honestly say that my sex life changed for the better when I started masturbating or better yet found the Rampant Rabbit from Ann Summers. I knew what areas were sensitive, what I needed to make myself aroused which of course I showed to guys. The more I learnt about my body the better I got at orgasming.

While men do need to learn about our bodies, we also need to learn and be more comfortable with our bodies. That way when you show him what he needs to do and still he doesn’t do it then you can bin him.

Here are things that every woman should know about their vaginas:

  1. Use it or lose it,The vagina is a muscle just like every muscle if you do not use, it weakens. The more action you are getting the healthier your vagina is. You don’t need a man to please your vagina that’s where stores like Ann Summers, Love Paris and Love Honey come in. Go and get yourself a toy.
  2. You are not abnormal if you have never had orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone, most women don’t. So find positions that will get your clit activated, use your fingers or his, missionary, girl on top all works because your clit is the powerhouse of orgasms.
  3. Your vagina smells differently at different stages of your monthly cycle. There is nothing wrong with the way it smells, so don’t listen to a guy who says they don’t like the way you smell or brands that tell you that they can make your vagina smell better.  Wash daily with aqueous cream rather than soap and scented products because your vagina hates them.
  4. Lubes are your friends, it doesn’t mean you have a Sahara desert like vagina if you use it. Even if getting wet is not a problem for you still pick up some KY jelly as it makes sex even better.
  5. Your vagina lengthens with sex, normally double in size. Hence why foreplay is so great. So don’t be scared of large dicks as your vagina can probably handle it.
  6. There is no such thing as a normal vagina. Just get to know it and find out what it likes.
  7. Nothing can get lost in there, there is an end ladies.
  8. Your vagina farts, so don’t be surprised or run away apologising. It’s just trapped gas.
  9. Your vagina ages, just like the rest of your body. It will get darker, get wrinkles and even drier so be prepared. However, it will not stop sexual pleasure. You will be enjoying sex till the day you die.

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