Mid Heels for girls that cant walk in heels but want to


Apparently Kim Kadarshian is launching a game where players can get styled by Kim, virtually of course.  Personally I think it’s whole bunch of crock shit but I still love you Kimmy. Even though the game is very self indulgent and personally I would never buy into it I do think Kimmy has killer style and her shoe collection can only be described as shoe porn.

Unlike Kim my shoe game is not as extravagant and delectable, however, for this summer I aim to completely change that. Okay, so I know that  Kim can get away with wearing ?1000 shoe ( who am I  kidding ?25000) to and fro because she can afford to and she has a driver so she only spends a 10th of her time actually walking the dirty cobbled streets compared to me who will be trudging along, on the tube, bus and will spend all my time outside on my feet. But a girl needs some inspiration, my shoe budget may only be 25% of Kims cheapest shoe I will have a shoe game that even she will be envious of.

I have ranted on numerous occasions how completely destructive it is for me to wear heels. They just don’t work or should I say walk for me. My excitement would start from my first glimpse at them, causing me to completely forget about the pain that it’s causes on the sole of my feet. I go on to try it on and of course they feel so good on my feet which ultimately leads me to purchase them with the hopes of strutting my stuff next time I am on the pull. Finally, after styling my outfit around the shoes, and upon getting ready to strut my stuff and shake my arse a sinking feeling from the sole of my feet begin to appear.  I walk around the house in hopes of breaking them in but of course I have left it too late and to be honest the only way I will ever get comfortable is after wearing it for a decade. I go out and as you can expect spend most of my time enthralled in absolute pain for the whole night consequently leaving me to walk with  Mad eye moody’s limp by the end of the night.
Although heels are my frenemy I am aware that there is a time and place for them. Flats just won’t cut it for a majority of evening events. So I have turned my attention to mid heels. Alright, alright, I know that they are not as sexy as a 6 inch stiletto, but neither am I wearing one. But they are much more appealing than wearing a pair of pumps to a black tie event. I pledged to myself this summer that I will wear some form of heel (mid heel) every time I leave my house, well at least I will try. Don’t get me wrong I am not abandoning my flats, how can I when I know I will probably be concealing one like an illegal contraband deep inside my bag, boobs, and anywhere else I can think of  for when my feet loses all complete feeling. However, I will be taking on a new height in the form of mid heels.

Mid heels

10Kate Spade new york jax slingback pump ?204.32
40Sol Sana tally sandal- 99.64
50Jeffrey Campbell Cors Bootie- 112.09
10Hinge hollyday laser cut bootie- 74.72
10Steve Madden Ideaal Sandal – 56.03
00Plomo raquel leather sandal- 256.64
00Louise et cie rozza leather wedge sandal- 80.33
00Jeffrey Campbell puente leather sandal- 37.36
00Michael Michael kors damita wedge sandal -61.64
00Nike dunk sky hi wedge sneaker -74.75
00Mid heel nordstorm franco sarto divine sandal – 56.03
00Reiss eden double ankle strap court shoes- 109
10Vince camuto marleen sandal- 56.03

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