men cum quick

Most men cum under 2 mins but I dont care


We have a dilemma; women take on average 20 mins to have an orgasm whilst men take only a few minutes. Now this is a serious problem because by just looking at the figures we women will be lucky if we ever orgasm. From my experience I know the range time varies from a second to 3 hrs. I will be the first to admit 3 hrs of sex takes it out of you and not something I will be striving for every time. After about 30 mins I am pretty much done, my sugar levels have dropped and I am now thinking about my next meal. But 2 mins, come on that is a joke, my body hasn’t even warmed up yet.

A few weeks back whilst browsing XO jane I came across an article 45 PERCENT OF MEN ORGASM IN UNDER TWO MINUTES AND I’M TOTALLY OK WITH THAT and I totally get it. Until recently I was that girl, loved the quickies and found long sex to be drawn out and towards the end painful. Also even when I did have the ‘long’ sex I still weren’t orgasaming every time, so basically in my head it was a waste of time. That was then and now I appreciate the longer sex vs the quickie. Yes, my ultimate goal is still to orgasm but I am now appreciating the feeling. Because honestly when it is done there is nothing in the world that will give you the same feeling, not even your most trusty vibrator.

I understand that men can come quickly but from my experience it is more for selfish reasons. A guy stated a quotation to me ‘ Am getting mine so you better get yours’ and I am sure not every guy things like this but its pretty much the jist of it. I have met guys who genuinely try to control their shit and guys who say they are controlling their shit but the only person controlling anything is me with my temper. Due to this knowledge I have pretty much decided to lose all sorts of empathy and understanding for guys that do cum quick. Especially guys who do not understand the value of foreplay. For me it is not the fact that you cum quick it is because you are not trying hard enough to make me cum. As much as men try to say its embarrassing, they still reach their climax,unlike me who pretty much have to finish myself off if I really want to cum. When all else fails another solution is simply not cumming, pull out and just not cum. However, we both know that is not going to happen because regardless what you say you still want to cum.

I have one simple and effective way of dealing with these type of selfish guys; Fool me once- you are just so into me, fool me twice- you obviously can’t handle me so I am done.  There’s no fooling me three times because you will need to see me first.

For me if you can’t cater to my needs that tells me about your character and how can I be in an orgasm-less relationship. If you do have a problem please inform me before hand instead of tricking me into bed that you are stallion when you are anything but. Otherwise I will be left with an impression that you have no control of your dick and you just don’t care.

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