nude lipsticks

Nude lipsticks that actually work for brown skin ladies

nude lipsticks for black women

Last winter I was all about going dark with my lipstick, last summer was about pinks and reds but this summer I want to go natural. Compared to my teen days where I would suffer an anxiety attack for walking out of my house without makeup I would say now  I am into the ‘I woke up like this’ look. This may be due to my hitting  mid 20s and finding myself which unfortunately includes my face.

Now as a black woman I have literally moved from only visiting MAC for my foundation to now hosting other brands precisely Chanel and Kevyn Aucoin. Who would have thunk it? As the brands are widening their makeup palettes to include all skin tones, from the palest to the darkest my makeup bag is shrinking. My main makeup products are concealer, mascara, highlighter,  brow pencil and lipstick.

For as long as I can remember I have been looking for a nude lipstick. I have come to realise that the word nude is more or less for white girls. For me as a black woman its all about looking for brown shades. I went on a serious hunt with my favourite brands and found some serious nude brown  shades that I love.

Bobbi Brown sheer lip colour in Bobbi is the perfect everyday nude lipstick. Its that lipstick for when you really want the ‘ I look hot without no effort’. I has an effect of a lip balm/gloss providing a very natural look to the lips.

Sisley phyto lip shine, I literally fell in love with this as soon as I applied to it my lips. Sisley says that it is not just a lipstick, but a lipgloss and treatment. This is the most moisturising lipstick that I have tried to far. The colour is stronger than a tinted lipstick but it feels like a lip balm with the appearance of a gloss.

For the Bobbi brown creamy lip colour in pale plum adds a little va va voom to the lips. The colour is not exactly nude but more of a very natural plum. This will be ideal if you want a hint of colour to the lips whilst still staying natural.

Elizabeth Arden beautiful colour moisturising lipstick is a gorgeous lipstick. Its that lipstick that you will take out just because. When you do get passed the luxury gold package you are left with a moisturising lipstick creating a stronger colour than the Bobbi Brown creamy lip colour. This is a nude that is perfect for those events after work and you don’t want to make any drastic changes.

Something more friendlier to your pockets but still great none the less is Top Shop sheer lips in hunky dory. What makes this special for me is the gold freckles splattered all over the stick to ultimately highlight your lips. For more of an intense colour I love to layer it on top of my Sisley phyto levres perfect lipliner in chocolate.

So now I have all the products that I need for the no makeup makeup look all is left is for me to enjoy the rest of the summer months. Which in England is precisely 3 weeks.

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