Pantone Universe x Redland bag pack carries it all


Redland London have teamed up with the  colourful Pantone Universe to bring you a collection of vibrant & fun range of bags to keep you looking stylish & bright at the same time!

So let’s move onto the actual bag itself! Now as hard as I try, I’m not always someone who travels light, I’m always the one with the sandwiches, the creams, and the laptop to do the blogging on. So I decided to go with the large laptop backpack in a beautiful grey colour, because I am all about that monochrome life!

The grey is a lovely light shade, and is complimented so well with the Pantone bright white logo, and white trim along the front pocket and zip line. The bag itself is HUGE, with multiple pockets and compartments, it’s perfect for people who like me, don’t always travel light!

I wore this bag for a whole day with an entire contents worth of blogging equipment along with some personal items and I must say it was one of the most comfortable backpacks I have ever worn. The padded back and shoulders cushioned my back so well, and kept it free from aches and pains.


Inside, the bag is even more beautiful, providing lots of room for further storage with more pockets. My favourite addition to the inside was the fur lining in back  panel pocket. As it’s a fur material, it helps to cushion any delicate items you may store inside the pocket and keeps them from getting damaged in transport or motion. I think this was a great touch!

All in all, I think this bag is the perfect travel companion, it’s spacious, stylish & practical – everything you need while travelling. As well as travelling, these bags would also be perfect for every day use, perhaps you’re a fashion blogger who finds themselves lugging a mini suitcase around on outfit shoots, this bag would be the perfect alternative for you. Or maybe you’re a student with piles of books, a laptop and lots of stationery, this bag would be able to carry all those things and more!

If you like the sound of this bag, head on over to Redland London now to see the whole collection in their Pantone Universe collaboration!


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