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IMG_3466-1024x683 IMG_3498-1024x683 Are you the type of girl who buys a new perfume then half through the month you are ready for a change? Or are you the type of girl who has had the same fragrance for years and years and are just far too scared to change your good old fragrance up. Or do you just love having different fragrances on the go at the same time. If you are any of them, which you probably are then you would love to get your hands on The Perfume Society V.I.P box. This little box of goodies could give you a chance to trial a new fragrance for a couple of days, could give you a few more on you wish list or you could just enjoy using a different fragrance everyday. The idea behind this box is similar to the beauty boxes that have taken storm round the internet this past year. Every month you receive a box full of scented goodies for you to try. This box is ?17.50 which I honestly dont think is too bad considering how much perfume you actually come out with. The box is set up by five beautiful women stemming from their love for perfume.

IMG_3468-1024x683 IMG_3472-1024x683 My box arrived on my door step and I was pretty excited about the idea. I ripped into it, literally tarring the tissue paper before I got time to snap it on the old canon. My first impressions of the box was amazing, I love how sleek the plain white box with the colorful bottles of perfume are. It pleases me, but not quite as much as what is inside please me. When you open up you obviously get hit with some amazing smells coming from all the perfumes packed in tightly. You’re welcomed with a gorgeous illustration of a lady smelling perfumes, on the back it explains the idea behind the box and also gives you some ideas around what kind of scents are inside the box. This particular one is one for dashing out from your desk to dinner, or when you need a little pick me up. Putting you from a grouchy mood to glam. Each perfume that is in the box has its own little card, on the front it has a photo of the actual perfume bottle. I suppose this is for those of us, like me, who like our perfume to look pretty on our shelf. On the opposite side it explains the family of the fragrance, the notes, a little background to the company and perfume and also the smelling notes. I have divided them up into families to show you, I will also link the perfume too each one so you can read up on all the different notes etc. Otherwise this blog post may be almost 10000 words long! IMG_3490-1024x683

IMG_3493-1024x900 The first one we have is the biggest family in this box, which is Floral. The first thing I noticed when I opened up the box was Chloe. I have been wanting a Chloe perfume for so long now but could never decided on a particular fragrance as they all smell so good! This has a very floral scent, with hints of musk running throughout the base, this for me is a perfect everyday scent. One of those scents that you keep smelling throughout the day. Flower by Kenzo is another very floral scented perfume, which is a big giveaway from the name. This has more of a fruity scent than Chloe, this has to be one of my favourite as it has vanilla and praline running through the base notes which makes this a gorgeous scent. I sprayed this one for Alex (boyfriend) and he absolutely loved it. Amore by vince Camuto, this comes in a gorgeous bottle. A one that you see on the side in a perfume shop and you instantly go over and pick it up to smell as it looks so amazing. Again this very flowery, fresh and just gorgeous. When I smell this one I instantly think off being out in the country side, fresh air and the air feeling crisp. The last floral scent is joy by Jean Patou, I have to say out of all the floral family scents this one I really don’t like. I think it is the strong rose smell that kind of puts me off. I like my scents to be quite sweet, where as this one is pretty sharp and very floral.

IMG_3489-1019x1024 The next family is Woody Flora, if you are anything like me and just pick a perfume that you like the smell off then you would have no idea what the difference between floral and woody floral is. But after smelling the two families I can smell a slight difference between the two. Our Satin mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is the first which is slightly spicy, with a floral undertone. The top notes is violet which I can really pick up on when I spray this one, but I also get the hint of vanilla which come through the base notes which I really love. Halfeti by Penhaligons is very woody, this one reminds me of an aftershave that my dad use to wear. The woody floral scents for me lean more towards men scents, but I think this is purely because I am so use too my dad wearing woody scents.

IMG_3481-1024x683 IMG_3483-1024x910 We then have the Woody family, first off we have Framboise Noire by Shay and Blue which has a spicy but sweet scent, the berries in the top notes really come through but is balanced out by the woody notes. This is one for those who hate a sweet perfume, this one makes me feel very calm and collected when I smell it. On The Road by Edition Perfumes again is another that I dislike, this on has very woody scent with no sweetness in it which I dislike. If you like something very strong and woody this one would be amazing. But for me it is a little too strong. Last in the wood family is La Fumee by Miller Harris, again this is similar to the last without the intensity. This has notes such as cedar wood, sandalwood which gives it a very strong scent. However its top notes are Lavander and incense which makes it a little softer than the last.

IMG_3475-1024x683 IMG_3479-1024x769 Woody Aromatic is the last family we have in this box which consists off two perfumes. Royal Mayfair by Creed is the first this reminds me of being poorly, which in a way makes me feel safe. When you first spray this you will get a really strong eucalyptus scent but as it settles you start to smell the lime and gin which makes this perfume super calming. It has a clean, crisp finish too it.  we have Ashoka by Neela Vermeire Creations, this one reminds me of a spa. It has a tranquil, peaceful feeling to it. It makes me feel warm, it’s not a one I would wear everyday but certainly on days where I felt a little down, cold I would give this a few squirts to calm my body down a little.

IMG_3473-1024x683 IMG_3474-1024x874 The last little treat inside the box was Amazing Grace Shampoo/shower gel by Philosophy. I have wanted to try this for ages so I was over the moon that this was included in the box.  I was a little confused though as to with included a body wash but then my little mind started ticking and I thought that sometimes when you shower before you are off on a big night out the smell of your body wash can over power that off your perfume. Or if you have used a basic soap that may be over powering so really we all have to go out and treat ourselves to a brand new body wash that compliments our perfume.

After using this box I literally want to go to a huge perfume shop and smell all the different families, I have learnt that I am much more of a floral/sweet-scented girl and the woody scents are not for me. My three favourites are Chloe, Flower by Kenzo and Amore by Vince Camuto based on their very floral, sweet scents. Why not grab a box  and see what kind of scents you love?!


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