Perfect Partners: Cleanse and Nuture


Finding a great cleanser has been a mission of mine for as long as i can remember. I found all cleansers to leave my skin either dry and tight or wasn’t effective regardless of the price or brand. To overcome the dryness i always moisturised my face. I am one of those people that buy into the words  ‘purifying’, ‘balancing’ etc which always leaves me with hoards of unfinished moisturisers.


Even to a beauty novice, cleansers and moisturizers works hand in hand and both are a must for the skin. But before getting to a moisturiser a treatment is always recommended. There are treatments for everything from treating broken capillaries to reducing oil production. Treatments are normally your step two between the cleanser and moisturisation. Most treatments come in serums as it is light enough to allow you to apply moisturiser.


For those of you that are unsure about about the use of the products i will just give you a brief description.


Cleanser- to remove dirt and makeup.

Treatment- to treat skin conditions such as anti ageing, dehydration, sun damage,, roscea

Moisuriser- to protect the skin from UV rays and the environment.


Over the past few weeks i have been using DHC deep cleansing oil and Decleor Arromaessence Ylang Ylang. I found these two products to be quite  effective in to treating my combination skin and leaving my skin hydrated.


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

This is what the brand says:


As you can see the cleanser is literally looks like  oil in a bottle. The aim is to unclog the pores and leave the skin dirt free. Olive oil is the main ingredient for this cleanser


The direction is to apply unto dry skin and face and at first i wasnt quite sure why. The simple reason is because once water is mixed with the oil it melts into a milk. One pump is sufficient enough to cleanse makeup free skin and two pumps to remove make up. Massaging it unto the skin literally feels like slathering oil all over your face. My favourite part of using this cleanser is rinsing. When water is applied unto the skin the oil turns in a light milk, leaving with little trace of oil on the skin. Once rinsed the skin is left feeling cleansed and still moisturised.

This is actually the second cleanser  that i have used that doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight. Furthermore, it removes eye makeup effectively without  irritating the eyes. I have to give it to DHC for this cleanser it is now my must have cleanser. The oil is available in various sizes from 30ml to 200 ml which allows you to try before committing.


Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang


I call this product a 15ml bottle from heaven. I have fallen for this product and there is no turning back. Although it says serum i would actually call it a facial oil simply because of the consistency. This serum is designed for combination skin types aiming to purify, reduce excess serum and tighten the appearance of pores.


I normally use facial oils at night and avoid lots of products during the day as i have combination skin so was quite hesitant about this product. One drop is all i used for the whole of my face even though the directions does day two. When applied to the skin it absorbs quite quickly into the skin As it is a dry oil you are left with only a hint of sheen. The smell is strong but nice with a powerful scent of ylang Ylang which is quite sweet.


As the serum is so light, i applied my main moisturiser on top. Since using this serum i have noticed a definite improvement in the appearance of my skin. My skin has a healthier glow and surprisingly less oily.


Both of these products combined have definitely improved the appearance of my skin. Over the last few weeks of using them together i noticed that my skin had more of a natural glow and looked brighter.


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