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makeup editorial

Is it only me that finds the makeup world mind boggling. Sometimes, I forget that I actually went to beauty school and have been doing beauty for so long. Contouring,  highlighting, bronzers have been used in makeup before Christ was born (please do not quote me), but it has gone so mainstream, that every day ladies are spending copious amounts of time applying these techniques and literally transforming their faces. Me and a friend were on the train when an image was shared to us via whats app with before and after pictures.

My friend asked the question ‘when did makeup become something to show off.’ I have always been taught that makeup was an accessory to enhance natural features, but apparently I have been living a lie.  If you are like myself, and completely perplexed, then you are not alone (in Michael Jacksons singing voice).

If trends are going more natural with designers opting for their models to wear nothing more than concealers why are we ordinary women opting for the complete opposite.

Returning back to topic, if you not an avid makeup wearer or don’t really understand the art of wearing makeup. Here’s reasons why guilt or depression should not be an emotion you should be feeling.


Apart from the tricks that I have to learn, what about the time. I don’t know about you but all the tricks to creating the perfect illusion will eat up my time. I would rather add a stroke here, a dab there and voila I am done.

Mother nature’s wrath

The rain is the devil to any makeup wearer.  After spending so long on creating that art on your face, it rains. If you are smart enough to carry an umbrella with you then good for you. If you didn’t, then having the rain wash off all the hard work is like a fuck you from mother nature.

Revealing your face to your new man friend

With the transformation certain factors have to be thought of. The morning after to be exact. There are so many emotions and thoughts the morning after such as when is the right time to leave, this is awkward, oh shit what have I done. The last thing I want to think of is think I need to put my face on. A story I heard from a guy friend, is a girl who woke up an hour before to put back on her face and then got back to bed, the whole time she thought he didn’t know. If that doesn’t seem like a job I don’t know what is.

Leaving your over face on someone’s clothes.

Even with my basic makeup I somehow always leave a trace of my makeup on someone, myself included. So imagine leaving an imprint of your face on someone’s clothing. Talk about leaving a memorabilia of yourself.

Hot face

Finding a foundation that feels like air on your face is pretty darn hard. So the upcoming summer months that are predicted to be ridiculously hot will be a curse to heavy makeup wearers. Imagine the transformation, I think my picture below gives you an insight.

Removing makeup

Using all your hot water to get rid of your makeup and then having to shower with cold water. On the plus side you will always be refreshed. Alternatively there is the option of cotton pads but prepare to  buying cotton pads every other day due to using half a pack to remove 10 layers of makeup.

To conclude, if you are not a professional, unprofessional makeup artist don’t feel down. And if at times you forget yourself and you do become consumed with guilt and depression then simply return to this list to give you a kick up your arse.  If you have any further reasons to not follow the makeup hype please add to my list below.

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