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I’ve always thought of spring as a colourful mosaic of colours! Here in Germany we happen to have the upcoming and cheerful carnival! But maybe it’s also because I’m going through a phase of trying something just a bit more outlandish? Ah, whatever it is that’s happening, this trend was taken up by the makeup artist for the Chanel or Manish Arora SS14 shows!

But of course it comes down to the question: Dare I? Yes, I dare! And those colours can be as opposite as I want, as you want. You might disagree, you might think this whole idea is mad! But all it takes is a few minutes in front of the mirror, a black eyeliner and all the

eye colours you can get your hands on! In fact there are a lot of eye palettes out there that already suggest mixing different colours in one look!

1. L’Oreal Colour Riche Quads S3 Disco Smoking

2. Illamasqua Paranormal Palette ?34

3.  NYX Cosmetics LIP06  C’est La Vie ?12

Yeah, I know I mentioned carnival, but I’m not suggesting going paradise bird crazy! I certainly won’t! There are different ways you can make this work for you! You can use three to five different colours. You can try to create multi colored smokey eyes or just create strokes. Black eyeliner is always welcome! Other than that keep the lips and cheeks perfectly nude! Remember multi-coloured eyeshadow is the most colourful thing on your face and that’s how it should stay!

1. Lancome Khol Hypnose Waterproof ?18,50

2. Chanel Note De Printemps Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour 60 Triomphe ?21,89

If you’re unsure at first then be economical and add only soft touches! It’s probably best to wear this trend either with multi-coloured prints or with a single colour!

The final question is, is this an actual fancy dress? It depends! It can be a great new party look! We can’t dismiss every trend with even the slightest outlandish touch, otherwise there would probably nothing left we could call refreshing!

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