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Launched in 2008, Rosa has done some commendable work that deserves recognition. Rosa is a charitable fund set up to maintain creativities that support women and girls in the UK. They stand for strong and loud messages that are put out for all the beautiful women out there; reinforcing the visions of equality across genders and justice for all females in the UK.
They support four fundamental factors that many women can relate to. One of which is ‘Safety’ for women in the UK, which has been proved to be a major issue in today’s climate. With the number of domestic violence cases, rapes, sexual trafficking and ‘honour killings’ are outrageously elevated in number, we need a charity like Rosa who helps by investing in projects that build safety and awareness for females residing in the UK.
Another fabulous value they support is the economic stability of females. All females should be given the opportunity for equality of pay when doing the same job as a male. This is why we have to open our eyes at how many women are actually being underpaid. Another limiting factor is career prospects and promotions, where males are generally preferred than females. Rosa supports funding in schemes that will aid fairness of opportunity for women.
A factor we can all applaud is the health and well-being of females. Females battle with many issues as they grow up, and I believe every female should feel good and confident with the person they are. Above all, if needed, they should be able to attain the relevant health care. Some health concerns that Rosa look at are poor body image, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and increased alcohol consumption among young women. Some females are particularly vulnerable to sickness, reduced help, and access to treatments – simply because they come from black and ethnic minority communities. Rosa helps challenge these issues, investing in research projects, support groups and simply makes sure that all females from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds get equal treatment to feel good and stay healthy.
Last but not least Rosa stands for women attaining strong positions in all industries; In order to hold positions of leadership and decision-making in the UK. Women need to be given a louder public voice. We need to be heard girls! And now Rosa invests in projects that aim to remove the barriers in place for women who are greatly under-represented in life and politics. This will have a knock-on effect meaning issues such as care provision; reproductive choice etc. will be less likely to reach the top of the agenda. However with the help of Rosa, we can make a change for the better.
Rosa constantly holds charity events to raise money for their worthy causes. At the moment they want to raise awareness using a theme, to celebrate inspiration women. They want volunteers to host fund-raising events to celebrate the women around you who inspire you. It could be your mother, your sister, a friend or even a pop star! So let’s spread the word and help such a beautiful charity.

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