Nica Alicia satchel

Shoulder Saving Satchel

Nica Alicia satchel

For the past month I have had one bag regularly draped over my shoulder and that is this Nica Alicia large satchel. I am that girl that always has a bag hanging on my elbow, regardless of the size and weight. However, since this past winter things have changed. The turning point was when my trainer coldly informed me one shoulder was higher and stronger than the other. I could have easily passed this of as the result of my intense gym training sessions however, I knew better. I realised if I continue like this I would end up as a real life quasimodo. Furthermore, the incessant need to keep rotating the bag to distribute the weight, I could deal with no longer.

So I made a change and became attracted to cross body bags. Nica Alicia large satchel seemed like the perfect choice, large enough to hold all my ‘essentials’ along with a few other bits and bob, without the added strain to my bulging shoulders. What makes this bag so special is not the appearance but more its interior design. The designers have literally thought of everything. Inside the bag you will find a large compartment which can hold all your random bits and bob and then a compartment resembling a purse to place cards, loose coins etc. Finally, at the back another compartment to place things that you want easily accessible such as an oyster card, lip balm and a mini bottle of wine.

However, as much as I found the interior to be the winner for this bag. The design and appearance was the reason that attracted me to it.  The purple floral lining makes the interior much more appealing to look at. As I had the Tangerine option the contrast in the colours stood out to me, personally you would never see me mixing orange and purple together in an outfit but as a bag, errr not so bad. The pretty floral cut out takes away the masculinity of the bag. Without these added features this would be more a man bag, attracting that weird species with an appenditure between their legs that I have yet to understand.

With all these attributes it is no surprise that this will be my go to bag for the summer.

P.S. If tangerine isn’t your colour there are also other colour options.

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