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Summer is on its way and that means getting rid of all the dead skin that we have collected over the past few months from hibernating.  Some may ask what is the use of a body scrub?  Or why do we need it? Body scrubs have various benefits  and is a must have for glowing skin regardless of the weather. Applying a moisturiser without the use of a scrub is like trying to moisturise with  plastic covering your body. Products simply will not be absorbed into the skin thus being ineffective. When scrubbing it is best to focus on dry areas such as the elbows, knees and feet.


Caudalie has excelled in producing a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. The scrub has a  walnut colour with gentle aromas of lemon and lemon grass. Key ingredients include Crushed grape-seed, Brown sugar, Grape oil, Lemongrass essential oils.  Although i hadn’t reviewed the product for its slimming properties the scrub is great just for exfoliating. The product is quite thick and a little goes a long way.

I would recommend massaging it gently, from the first application you feel the roughness of the grapeseed and the smoother brown sugar. This scrub is for someone who is looking for results rather than just something pretty to add to their collection. At the end of the scrub my skin was left  nourished from the oils.
GBP 21.50

Clarins body toning scrub

Clarins body toning scrub has a citrus smell with fine granules made up of sea salts and sugar making it gentle on the skin. Key oils used are  Rosemary, Rosewood, Mint,  to help to tone and detoxify. Again i didn’t review the product for its toning properties but simply for the use as an exfoliator. However, if you are on a detox programme and looking for something extra then this scrub is something to consider.

A generous  amount is provided so you will have little concerns about running out. The packaging is an illuminous orange with a white cover which gives it quite a tropical but clean look.

This scrub aims to detoxify and you gauge that from the smell. While massaging it into the skin the granules gently dissolve leaving the skin  smooth and soft .Due to the oils in the scrub your skin is left with a film of oil leaving you with the option to moisturise.
GBP 30.00

Trish mcevoy N° 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Body Polish Sugar Scrub

The granules are encased in a clear plastic tub with a silver lid. The first thing that stands out is the smell, the mixture of vanilla and blackberry gives it a heavenly fruitful  scent. The scrub itself is a luxurious cream and made from sugar and sea salts. The scrub has been designed to be used on a daily basis to moisturise as well as a deep clean.

Upon application the scrub feels quite gentle to the skin and is distributed evenly onto the skin. As it is a cream base you do feel that you are applying a moisturiser with granules. The scrub comes in generous size allowing you to get the full use of the scrub. This scrub will be great to use in the bath leaving you feeling pampered..
GBP 31.00

OMOROVICZA Gold sugar scrub

The Gold Sugar scrub is a paste like scrub designed to make you feel like a princess. Packaged in a classic omorovicza packaging of frosted plastic with silver branding. Once opened the scrub is a gorgeous caramalised colouring.

When applied to the skin the gold particles shimmer beautifully onto the skin. The granules are quite fine making it suitable for sensitive skins. As the scrub is a paste only a small amount is required to get the full effect. The skin is left quite soft with gold flecks leaving your skin radiant.This is a great scrub if you are looking for an instant glow.
GBP 57.00


A simple but target driven skin scrub would be words that come to mind when describing this scrub. Prior to opening to the box you get a blast of the eucalyptus. Once opened the other scents come out producing merge of citric smells. You are provided with a generous 400 grams of pure sea salts and oils.

The colour is a seaweed green made of Sea salts to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. Olive oil is use to moisturise the skin whilst you deep cleanse. Once rinsed my skin was left extremely moisturised and soft. You will notice a difference right away as your skin feels smooth and completely moisturised. Any roughness or dryness that you previously had is diminished. I would advice to use this scrub twice a week since its so great at doing its job.
GBP 37.95

So basically if you are looking for target driven scrubs then the Caudalie crushed cabernet scrub and The organic pharmacy seaweed scrub is your choice. For a more luxurious treatment opt for Trish mcevoy N° 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Body Polish Sugar Scrub or OMOROVICZA Gold sugar scrub, Looking for something a little extra the Clarins will help to tone and aid in detoxification.

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