SS16 bags to steal from the catwalks

If anyone knows me including my addictions and obsessions they will not be surprised to hear that during fashion season and any form of catwalk I eye up two things bags, and beauty looks.You know fuck shoes, like you need them to like walk, clothes what’s the point because we were all born naked and so that is the way mother nature wanted us and thanks to consumerism we have all been forced to believe that clothes are actually needed. Personally, if I wasn’t like two stones overweight, never had major body confidence issues and everyone walked naked with me I will so be rocking the naked look with only one item on hand….. a bag.

So of course with the new season looks all out in the open for us normal folk to eye stalk, I kinda glued my eyes on the bags that hung attached to the outfit. For SS16 everything is smaller making it harder to find somewhere to keep your phone safe. Yes, style over practicality but seriously I need somewhere to put my phone. Thank God for designers such as Gucci, Balmain and Michael Kors for thinking of the practical and techie fashionista.

Aside, from the size the bags are brighter and much more primary in colours that is. What really made me happy was Moschino’s dice bag stuck on the model’s leg. Now that is a one great way to becoming hands free. Maison Margiela adorable and alternative backpack, if there was ever going to be a bag that would convert me to becoming a backpacker then this bag has done it. Tassels on bags are not really my thing however, Chloe’s tassel bag has just the right about of tassel and a gorgeous shape. Classic but so not understated is Gucci with the huge Gucci logo blasted across, now this bag can keep all the essentials and my extra ‘must-haves’ that I so cannot live without.

Whilst I cannot go on a massive splurge to claim any of these bags as my own, I can do amazing collages and inspirational boards because there is nothing wrong with just wishing, right.


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