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Summer is on its way and with the recent heatwave (well kindoff) I got a massive shock of realisation. My skin is still in winter mode and I need to switch it up. Of course as the summer months approach we will be blasted with products that will cater to every concern we have. For this year I will dismiss every eye catching advert that claims to reduce my dry skin in two weeks, and give me baby soft skin. This year all I need is an amazing body scrub and moisturiser. Yep, thats right I am going back to basics ladies and gents.

I don’t think you can go any more basic that a good body scrub and moisturiser. Regardless of the season and climate you need both to keep your skin at tip top shape. Without a body scrub your moisturisers are pretty much pointless. A moisturiser during the summer keeps your skin looking lickable instead of ashy. In winter a moisturiser keeps your skin from being tight, irritated and basically traumatised.

This summer I turned to Made with a love a small independent company developed by the lovely Leigh. Leigh handmakes each product  which are only made with 100% natural ingredients. Leigh created Made with love after being more conscious about ingredients in shop bought  products. What I love about each product is that the ingredient list is so simple with words that I can pronounce and even spell.

A product that caught my eye was the Almond and Vanilla body scrub, it sounded sweet and it intrigued me. This scrub is lush with a cookie like scent, which makes me love it even more. This is a serious heavy duty scrub with a sweetness to it that makes it quite deceiving. I have used many exfoliators and this is one of the best. It does the job and leaves your skin feeling soft and completely moisturised. It has officially been added to my hero product list and sits firmly in my bathroom cabinet to be used every other day.

Unlike what the name says Dry leg oil is not just a leg oil but something more, to me anyway. I use this all over my body while the skin is still wet and pat dry. I find this to be the best way to seal in the moisture and works great on all my dry areas. However, the texture is light enough to apply on dry skin still creating a light sheen to the skin. Furthermore, it has a very citrus scent giving it a rather fresh spring and uplifting scent. Since the days are getting hotter the last thing I want is to feel even hotter and eventually melt which happens when you use a heavy duty moisturiser. Instead I use this as a replacement and allow my skin to embrace the heat. The dropper cap makes it easy to be in control of the amount you use and for a more specific target area.

I genuinely love these two products combined and your skin will certainly love you for it. As mentioned earlier for me this year I am going back to basics, I don’t need all the extras and trimmings,  a basic but effective product is all I need and these two certainly tick all my boxes. Furthermore, at ?5.95 for the Almond and Vanilla Body scrub and ?7.95 for the Dry leg oil, your bank manager won’t be knocking your door down.

Pop over to Made with Love and see for yourself all what they have to offer.

made with love summer body prep

00Made with love summer body prep
00Almond and Vanilla moisturising body scrub
00Almond and Vanilla moisturising body scrub close up
10Dry Leg oil

*In collaboration with Made with Love.

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