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In the name of curiosity I decided to ban water from touching my face and stock up on cotton wool. It was while I was reading Manrepeller where one of the girls experimented on being phoneless for a week. So I decided to experiment with going water free and seeing what it actually does to my skin.

You may ask why, but if you live in hard water area like London, you would know the answer. Hard water is absolutely torture to any living creature’s skin, hair and nails. It leaves everything feeling hard, stiff and ultimately damaged. It reverses all my hard work and unthinkable amount of money that I spend on my skin care. Just look at Calgons adverts, it destroys the bloody washing machine for Godsake.

Since beauty school it has been drummed into my head that one of the many signs that your cleanser isn’t right for you is that your skin feels dry and tight after washing. I entered the big wild world with this knowledge, teaching other people this. However, after 6 years and tons of products later I have decided to change my thinking and look at something else. Is it the products fault? Can I blame my favourite brands for continuously launching new cleansers that obviously do absolutely nothing for my skin.

Take my most treasured cleanser Elemis pro-collagen cleansing balm for example. It was a God send from Elemis to me this winter. I tried it last summer and saved it for my winter skin care. However, my heaven sent product just became normal, how could this be?  So I started thinking, did Elemis create a false sense of security with this cleanser only to slam me back into reality. Maybe my skin is just too adaptive. Or is it  something else, the water.

If I wanted to go ahead with my research I needed a product that I didn’t need to rinse . Bioderma sebium H20 is a product that I had stored in my beauty closest but never really cared too much for. I know I say never judge a product by its cover but I am the number one culprit for doing that. So while preparing for pastel eye trend, I decided to use Bioderma Sebium H20 as my makeup remover. Guess what, it worked, it took of my makeup effortlessly and didn’t irritate or dry out my skin.

So when this experiment randomly popped in my overactive mind I immediately thought of  Bioderma Sebium H20.  All I need is plenty of cotton pads and enough Bioderma to last me a week. The first couple of days were exciting for me, a new experiment , would it work or would it be a complete flop.

For the first time in years my skin wasn’t dry, tight and felt like my skin had stopped producing oil. Instead my skin was moisturised and looked more hydrated, healthier and soft to the touch. If I didn’t moistuirise, my skin wouldn’t be desperately calling out for oil. Initially, it did feel oilier but after some time that settled and now it just feels at peace. This is definitely something I will be considering in the long run.

Everyone should try the Water free skin care diet and see for yourself the effects hard water has on your skin. Yes water is good, if you live in soft water areas ( I hate you, but happy for you) but if you are like myself you will definitely see the difference. Initially I was very hesitant  simply because water means clean skin but from this minor experiment it means less dry, tight and generally less traumatised skin. Try it out and let me know how you got on. By the way it doesnt have to be Bioderma, I only used it because it was the first thing that came to my mind. If you have alternatives go for it.

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