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The Everyday Slip On

Black flats can be soooo boring and safe but I will always have at least one stocked in my shoe collection just for that reason. Another reason for my love of black flats is that my time span on heels is barely there. If you have ever seen me at an event wearing heels I will be doing one of these two, sitting down or leaning on a wall trying to disperse my weight from my feet ultimately making me look shifty. Hence why you would hardly see me in heels.

However, although my feet is not designed for heels I have a ton of them. I just can’t stop buying, they are just so pretty and  the idea of one day becoming that lady that lives in heels still lives on.

So from that you can see exactly why Topshop ‘Meek 2′ Slip-On appealed to me. With a slight heel it will deter that nagging pain. Its an alternative to the rather boring black flat pumps that is so easy to pick up when in need of something easy to wear. In my head the cut outs create an added little something to hide its true purpose, a ventilating system for the summer months. I am unsure if the Top shop designers thought of this but hey, now they can add it to their description.

I can wear this pretty much everyday, not that I would do that (side eye). Skinny jeans (when I get my arse into them), maxi dress, shorts and they make a perfect transition shoe from office to after to work drinks. Plus it comes in white, which I am assuming was not designed for a living clutz like myself as they are just so gorgeous.

Get your ‘Meek 2’ slip on here

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