Every month we select a topic and we invite bloggers (contributors and non contributors) to give their opinion on said topic. There is no right or wrong answer with these topics the only thing we want to do is build a conversation on interesting and sometimes mind boggling topics.  Invite as many friends to spill their opinions on the topic and get the conversation going. The title has to say #thebigconvo to make us know that it is part of the conversation.

Joining is simple;

  1. Write a blog post (on your blog) by the deadline (even if you have been tagged in by a friend).
  2. Tag in your friends
  3. Tweet us your submission using #thebigconvo and @chareemag

We will then scroll through all submissions via #thebigconvo hastag. Read all the posts, retweet if you @chareemag and finally pick our favourite submissions and publish it in our #thebigconvo blog post.