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Trainers but not for running


neon pool blue trainers

Fashion has obviously gone athletic this season and so have I. Well kinda, I actually only took the trainer wearing out of the trend. You see I have never been a trainers kind of girl and certainly never been a runner. Infact I am sure my body is allergic to running as I have the same reactions as I would with an allergic reaction, breathlessness, wheezing, disorientation, sweats, palpitations and everything in between.

I am also absolutely shit at wearing heels, In fact I am known to spend half my time on my arse instead of my feet when wearing heels. Uneven floors, stairs, slippery floors and pot holes are my living nightmare. So of course I spend most of my time in flats and if I am in heels it is normally worn just before I enter my destination.

When I realised that this sports trend was happening this season, I embraced particularly the trainers. You see its a thing now to wear trainers with dresses and skirts. No longer just for women on the tube on the way to work or tomboys that are now venturing into the ‘girly’ world. It’s for women like myself who like comfort and style and refuse to chose just one.

I may not be able to run but I can certainly fake it till I make it. What better way to approach this trend than going for trainers that are all about luxury but still at an affordable price. I got a sign in the name of Neon a newly launched brand in the UK that pushed me over the edge and finally converted me. The simplicity of the trainers will compliment most of my outfits whilst still keeping me on trend. The black and white trainers fits the normcore trend while the bright neon helps you to enter the neon trend. Now for the rest of the summer if you do see me you will certainly be seeing me in my new found trainers.

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