Why Mr Grey is not possible in this day and age!


When you hear Mr Grey what do you think? Strong, successful, charming, extremely handsome and let’s not forget insanely loaded! But the more I look into this character the more I am aware that he is really just a character and at this moment in time the only relatable and realistic attributes Mr Grey does have in my eyes are his mother issues and his overwhelmingly control issues. So I don’t know if it’s the fact that I see things completely different now that I am armed with a little more knowledge about sex or that I have a little more confidence about my body but I’ve come to realise men, well boys have changed the way they deal with women. I no longer hear the hilarious words ‘baby I’ll take you around the world’ because I think men have realised that women can quite clearly take themselves around the world, so much that they can build up frequent flyer miles. So it came to my attention that there seems to be a lack of confidence in men. Is this the year of the male self image issues?

Recently the more I come into contact men regardless of background and I am more aware of this common issue. The spike in feminism has, in my opinion, raised almost a fear that men are no longer the savers they use to be, the realisation of not being needed or wanted. One of the few reasons why I believe guys are either looking for the one or just jumping from one bed to the next the.

But are these excuses allowed? If we allow these excuses for men do we then ignore and belittle the suppression that women from years past have suffered for us, if we haven’t already unfortunately suffered it ourselves? Days when I feel rejected or pushed down by men after being told their painful stories about why they’ll ‘never love again’, I think to myself isn’t that just a taste of your own medicine? Don’t you deserve, just once to be hurt by what you believe you love the most? Why can’t men just cope like women do?

But this made me contemplate, if we have all these love songs about how to protect our hearts, souls and womanhood, what do the men have? In some cases men have to act like they don’t care because if they do it means more, BUT I have my counter argument! Why must we be so protective of men. Now here’s where feminism and straight up equality bounces in like Morpheus from the Matrix, if we want equality for the sexes we need to start re-educating not just children but ourselves. Women hurt men because they think they can take it but what if men can’t? We tell them that they are the scum of the earth and create vibrators just to prove that we don’t need them, after a while that’s got to start hurting.

It’s taken me about a month to write this article because I wanted to end it with a proper conclusion and even a solution, but I just don’t have one. I can’t seem to find it. There are things we can try but I feel like the last hundreds of years have been trial and error. My main concern is, are we really going to have equality, not just at the workplace or in society but emotional and psychologically within the sexes?

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