I gave myself as a gift this christmas






This Christmas, I thought to myself, I need to reinvent present giving and think of something different to give to my boyfriend. Do I get him a watch? Some Calvin Kleins? A new suit and tie? All of the above… No. I decided to give him a present he wouldn’t forget, something which is original, not expensive and something I know he would love. I strayed from wondering whether he’d prefer this shirt in green or blue and from deciding which Nike’s I should get him. I stuck to something red, small and sexy.  And, if you’re wondering, no it’s not underwear.

My man works away so I’ve had to time it perfectly for Christmas, I decided to do a little pre-Christmas present because we won’t see each other one week either side of the festive day. So I’ll tell you what happened.

It’s December 8th. A cold day. One where the sky is blue but the air is freezing cold, my favourite kind of winter day, not a cloud in the sky. The perfect setting for my present, a day that needs heat. Usually, I’d go meet him at the train station, so he found it slightly odd when I said I wasn’t feeling up to it, faking a headache and bad stomach ache from eating dodgy chicken the previous night.

So, he got a taxi to my house, my flatmate Mel answered the door. “Come in hunny” she said and pointed to my room. He opened the door and laid on my bed, I was wrapped in a red satin body bow. He stood shocked for a second then over he came and unwrapped his present. I’m sure you can imagine the rest so I’ll spare you the details…

Naughty Knot sexy body bow


On a side note, the Naughty Knot sexy body bow from Love Honey is a great piece . Although it may seem confusing to wear, it comes with instructions for the simple minded women like myself. The material is so beautiful and soft and it’s the perfect Christmas red. I would advise every woman to buy one of these. It is the most inventive and effective  present I have ever given a boyfriend, plus now he thinks has to step up his present game seeing as mine was so inventive.

Red all wrapped up dress





However, if you don’t feel like the body bow is for you, Ann Summers has a great alternative the Red all wrapped up dress which doesn’t involve as much wrapping or as much preparation and practice. Their red all wrapped up dress is a great find. All it takes is a simple wrap around the boobs and you’re good to go . There is a baby doll type feel to this piece as it is a mesh dress which is an option  if the red body bow isn’t your cup of tea. It’s a beautiful festive red and is adjustable for your size.

Whichever one you choose, your man or woman will love. Not only is something sexy and red a must have for Christmas, but it is great in every woman’s naughty draw to bring out on special birthdays, special occasions or maybe even just as a present to show how much you appreciate their love.

P.S. I would have loved to take the pics of myself but didn’t want you to go into the new year with a hole in your eye. xx

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