Write for us

Write for us

Our exclusive writing community Ms Charee are the brains and brawn behind Charee Magazine. Ms Charee are the women behind the Charee site, the women who voluntarily share their stories, opinions and tips for other women.

We have created a space where women’s voices can be heard. A place where women can be honest and share their experiences so other women can read and relate to the stories and writer.  You don’t have to be a writer or some really important person to become Ms Charee, you just have to be you.

Your stories will only be edited for grammatical and spelling errors, your story will never change. We want to demonstrate the multicultural society that we live in so we welcome women from all backgrounds even if you are out of space.

Why should you join Ms Charee

  • Receive product samples
  • Exclusive competitions
  • Exclusive Ms Charee events (great to network with other writers)
  • Discounted rates to Girl about Town Networking Events
  • Of course your story gets published on Charee
  • Collaborate with other writers
  • Join a team of great women

Join the Big Convo

Every month we select a topic and allow our readers to submit opinions on the topic. Words must be a a maximum of 400 words. Simply send in your response to thebigconvo@chareemag.com with name, twitter account and blog link (if applicable).  Email us to find out what this month’s topic to get involved. Please note we may not be able to publish every response but we will sure try our damn hardest.

Here are our quick guidelines to what we want from our writers.


Women, if you are a woman you have ticked the first box.

Share your story

Every post needs to be story, an experience, so whether you are writing beauty or fashion there  needs to be a story behind the post. Let me explain, you might love that new blusher but please start of on why you brought the new blusher and why it is so great for you.


Be original- 

We don’t like copies so please don’t send in stuff  from other sites because that’s just rude. Don’t write about a product because you saw everyone else has. We don’t follow here on Charee because we are individuals and we want to know about you.

Show your personality- 

Because I want to cry, pee on myself from laughing so hard or just smile from reading your post. Basically what your post has to say is:

Take your own pics for  beauty and fashion posts-

Yes, we want your face and we like seeing humans it is as simple as that. Pics must be clear, non-blurry, avoid clutter at the back and be observant of your surrounding. Please don’t take a pic with your naked boyfriend at the back. Also please avoid Photoshopping, edit photo such as brightness but don’t alter your image. We will love you just how you are.


The categories we write-

Fashion- Personal style and opinions. We are open to all but the original and amazing stories will stand a better chance.

Beauty- We want tutorials, reviews about your best-est products, beauty experiences, opinions and anything in-between.

Lifestyle- Sex stories, funny, awkward and personal experiences. We want it all.

So now you have the basics, and still interested then send your story and images to Jannette at jannette@chareemag.com (really racked my brain to find a punchier email and that is all I got haha). If we like-y we will get in contact with you and tell you the good news. If not we will still contact you telling you your story isn’t right for us.

So what are you waiting for get writing.