WTT: Emphasise the lower lash line


We all love the all-time favourite cat eye liner perfected on the upper-lid of the eye, but it’s always fun to experiment with your look and therefore take a little inspiration from the catwalk models in fashion week and work those lower lashes girls. The models sported full on under eye makeup not only vibrant in colour but also completely mesmerising! Long gone are the days when we were taught to standby mascara usage solely for upper lashes; nowadays the trend has been broken and celebs are opposing beauty customs to add extra coats to the lower lashes. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have been known to wear this look, and it is most certainly gaining momentum in the beauty industry. Even Gucci models have been seen to be wearing clumps of mascara on the lower lashes to emphasise the lower lash line.
It is a simple and effective way to gain a sultry and sexy look without making your eyes appear smaller. The beauty trend draws definitive attention towards the eyes, making them appear brighter and larger. There are several ways to achieve this hip look and it works differently for all of us. Focus on your own eye colour, shape and preferences to make this look work for you. It is a versatile look and can be worn in a dramatic or non-dramatic fashion where you can add extra boldness for evening glam and softer lining for a day time Bambi look.
To begin with you need to equip yourself with a fabulous bold liner which allows you work this trend to its full potential. Mac make-up has a wonderful liner for the job; the Pro Longwear Liner, which is available in five separate shades, is perfect. The Black Ice shade is a personal favourite and it can be used to really highlight the lower lash line. If you want to gradually build on this look try out Night trail which has a softer grey tone, or rich experience which sways towards a dark brown shade. The eye liner is creamy and long-lasting so the pigment of the colour will glide on effortlessly and help assist the emphasis you wish to gain. If you wish to make the look even more intense and dramatic you can try to smudge the line which adds further emphasis on your lower lash line.
Don’t stop there though ladies. Get out the mascara wands and pile on the mascara to separate the clogged up lashes. Bobby Browns Extreme Party mascara is perfect for this because it creates a bold look whilst separating your lashes to add volume and glamour. The upcoming season will be all about piling on the mascara on the lower lashes to gain a spiky look – And if mascara isn’t intense enough for you, take it one step further; Exaggerate your lower lashes with some falsies fashioned exclusively for the lower lash line.
Another catwalk look seen during fashion week was coloured liner under the lash line to draw attention to this feature. Invest in a good mini palette for Spring this year such as Paul and Joe self select eye colour  in 24  go-getter shades, available in satin, silk and suede textures. Work this look by simply lining the lashes in contrast to your clothing and eye colour. You will not only stand out from the crowd but will also be right on trend.

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